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FIR filed against Chief executive for murder attempt

By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan 

HUNZA, November 03: Four unknown persons have badly injured Ahmedullah, Director Sost Dry Port Trust with knives, during mid-night, when he was coming back to his home after visiting a patient.

According to police source an FIR number 15/08 has been filed against seven (7) persons including the Chief Executive Northern Areas, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan under PPC 324,109/34 for murder attempt.

Ahmedullah is now under treatment in Gilgit Hospital.

Afsar Jan; Chairman Sost Dry Port Trust has blamed Ghazanfar for planning this attack during a meeting held at Darbar Hotel on November 02. He said Ghazanfar has started to use unethical ways to create problems for the newly appointed cabinet after losing the legal battle. He said Ghazanfar is using political influence to create hurdles in smooth running of the port.

Public circles have condemned the violence and harassment in a model peaceful Hunza valley. They have also condemned the open aerial-firing of the police guards of Ghazanfar during a marriage ceremony in Gulmit.

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  1. I really condemn the mishap with Ahmed Ullah bhai this is an unethical and shameful attempt. The things is that the people from outside really take benefits from our local issues. They are now winner of what sort of things planned in past. I appreciate and encourage a through and fair investigation and punish all those people who are planning these activities and disturb the living of people. We have no more food, cloth, houses and not enough amount to pay our children fees why we are doing this, doing these activities what we are getting in that area. Please do not more disturb our beautiful place, we love our place, and please we do not want such activities there and do not need the money which gets or life. I pray Allah safe our area from criminals.

  2. It’s very bad news which i hard from gojal net i am still not believing if Is it true then it is attack on all gojali and the hunza region also effected,well one thing is very true if a human is involving in the race of Making black Money then it a cause of Becoming Street Crime,so these tip of people are not feel gilt to acct that kind of murder attempt i would request to the all region pleas find out that kind of people if the ignore then one day they will come more strong.we are proud to say as ismaili we are a samble of pece.


  3. Violence breeds violence – that is but natural, which should be avoided in the context of Hunza – the land of peace & tranquility.

    Prudence would always demand not to throw stones on outsiders, while sitting in the glass room; you will never be safe; would always be more vulnerable.

  4. Very sad to hear all these. One cannot imagine such sort of activities in Hunza region. Its really shamefull. Proper investigations should be carried out and the culprits should be punished.

  5. I strongly condemn the coward act of the offenders on Ahmedullah. Those who have attacked on ahmedullah are those who want us to be opressed. Now they have no way out and trying to terrorise those people who have been involved in liberating Sost Dry Port from the muddy hands of Ghuzamfar and his comapnions. This is high time now for people of Hunza to learn from these kind of incidents. Ghazumfar and his companions are rogues, we need to punish them through social bycotts where ever we can.

  6. ” One Day”
    I will be free,can’t you see
    That will mean,so much too me
    I can’t read are write
    I’m trying my best to learn,
    How under the moon light
    One day,i will be free,can’t you
    That will mean,so much too me
    Iam blind,and canno’t see
    All of my friends,laugh at me
    But one day,i will be free
    Can’t you see
    That will mean,so much too me.
    ………………………………………………………………………………………..Dear friends we are now in the intial stages of growth and there is alots of challenges in our ways but we have to face them in a positive manner . Ahmed your Blood will bring new path for the success of the business project(SDPS) and we have to move collectively in order to down fall the criminal acts of the famous personalities of our area.Now i am in a aposition to salute the the youth of sost and the SDPS team members.God Bless you all and guide the fools on the right tracks.
    ……………………..God Give Us The peace and i appeal you try to create peace…………………………………………………………………

    There is no room within my heart
    for revenge, fire or hate

    there is no room within my mind

    for any thoughts like these.

    I cannot find the words to say

    just how it is I feel

    but I know from deepest hurt

    I must forgiveness find.

    The hurt that’s been done to us

    cuts sore like a knife,

    but we must not, repay in kind

    what has been done to us.

    Instead we must try and find

    the way that is so hard,

    and reach out our loving hands

    to find some friendship now.

    There can be no more healing thing

    than opening wide our eyes

    and seeing that most other folk

    are really just like us.

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