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A stunning view of Moorkhoon Valley
A stunning view of Moorkhoon Valley

 by Nazir Ali Khan



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  1. Well Morkhoon, Nazir jon what a fantastic picture; look, I am gonna share about some common names,

    In Pakistan we have Morkhoon, in Wakhan we have Gozkhoon
    in Pakistan we have Avgarch, in Wakhan we have obgarch
    Sust, we have in Wakhan, in Pakistan we have Soust
    Boybar exactly common both in Pakistan and Wakhan
    Immit is common both in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan (Wakhan)

    thanks for the fantastic pic man……………..

  2. Moorkhun is a wakhi word means (House of Rain), you can see in this picture as well. it is located in the upper Gojal and center of Avgarch valley. People belong to moorkhun are famous for braveness and energetic like other villages of Gojal. Many of good leaders during the time of Hunza state belongs to this valley and currently many are in local and regional level leaderships, for the history of this village It is commonly believed that the first settler in Avgarch valley was the legendary Bobo-i- Sufi who came from Ghoron now one part in Tajikistan and one in Afghanistan (if I am not wrong) travelling along the Amu Daria (or Oxus) River. He is said to first have settled in Sost, but soon moved to the more secluded and secure Boiber Valley where he made Avgarch his permanent home. As the population grew, people spread out and moved down to Galapan, Gircha, Sartiz, Jamalabad, Moorkhun, Nazimabad and Sost, all of which comprise the Avgarch valley. The local people affiliates an old house in Sost with the Raja of Gilgit Thra Khan (1310) which was preserved by AKCSP. If this old house is really of the time of Raja Thra Khan then this house is older than that of the creation of Hunza state and is older than Altit and Baltit forts.

    Javed Ali

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