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Violence in Gilgit is part of a conspiracy: Shia Ulema Council

Leader of the Shia Ulema Council addressing a press conference

Leader of the Shia Ulema Council addressing a press conference

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Gilgit, January 14: People from Skardu, Nagar and Astore have also died in the violence that spread in Gilgit. But nobody did the politics-of-dead-bodies in these regions. Violence and unrest is being spread in Gilgit – Baltistan as part of a conspiracy. The leaders of all segments of the society and the general public will have to play a positive role in curbing the violence.

These views were expressed by leaders of the Shia Ulema Council today while talking to the media. President of the Shia Ulema Council, Sheikh Mirza Ali, said that peace cannot be guaranteed if there is corruption and nepotism in the government departments.

Also present at the occasion were MLA Raziuddin Rizvi, MLA Didar Ali and Anjuman-e-Imamia President Faqeer Shah.

The leaders also said that opposing the governance package is not in the interest of Gilgit – Baltistan because it has been achieved after years of political struggle.

The Ulema Council also negated the impression that Mehdi Shah is Chief Minister of a particular sect. “He has been elected by the assembly, where all sects are represented”, the Council leaders said.

The leaders of Shia sect also said that the case of Agha Ziauddin Rizvi’s martyrdom is pending in the court for seven years and some forces are trying to exert undue pressure on the court to influence the proceedings in this case.

4 thoughts on “Violence in Gilgit is part of a conspiracy: Shia Ulema Council

  1. I dont know when we will get rid of the sectarian voilance. its not the question of the gilgit region only but in the arab world after invasion of Iraq has certainly drawn the line between Shia and Sunni conflicts.
    the two states of Iran and Suadi Arabia are the big suporters of the opponents on both side.

    Let us bring an open discussion and dialogue to think about this matter. if not cured

    the situation can go back post Islam where the Arabs where fighting for decades with each other for an unending wars.

    May God Bring peace and Harmony among the sects of islam and with better uderstading to each other. May they get some sense of living with peace.

  2. we as humans beings, should protect ourselves from the curse of sectarianism in the name of religion. unprotected from it, we will eliminate ourselves or be ready to become as miserable as muslims around the world today.

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