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Gojal: Boat operators put lives of passengers on risk, local people threaten massive protests

Hunza: The operators had chained their boats to block the Hunza River for passengers. They are being backed by GB Finance Minister and MLA Mirza Hussain, according to sources

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Hunza: People of Gojal Valley and Hunza have expressed anger against the business community’s blackmailing tactics which are putting lives of passengers on risk. Yesterday the boat operators under with backing of two members of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly belonging to a particular area, who are using the GB Chamber of Commerce as a proxy, stopped around 100 passengers in middle of the dammed Hunza River for about two hours. The act not only created panic and fear among the passengers but also put their lives on risk.

The boat operators later allowed the passengers to pass through the lake after negotiations with Deputy Commissioner of Hunza – Nagar district.

Hunza: The operators had chained their boats to block the Hunza River for passengers. They are being backed by GB Finance Minister and MLA Mirza Hussain, according to sources

The local people have demanded of the Chief Minister, Syed Mehdi Shah, Governor Pir Karam Ali Shah, Speaker Wazir Baig and FCNA commander, Maj. General Ikramul Haq, to take notice of the situation and take action against “the criminal elements who are tormenting people of the disaster hit region for their petty gains”, a local activist told Pamir Times. 

Speaking to this scribe leaders of Hunza Students Federation and Gojal Youth Forum have threatened that they will come on roads if similar tactics are used by the boat operators and their backers in the future.

The Gojal Youth Organization has also said that the business community should not create hurdles for the disaster community for their monetary gains. They have supported the threat by Hunza Students Federation and Gojal Youth Forum for coming on the roads if this practice of keeping the valley hostage is not shunned.

It is pertinent to note that patients, women, children and students were taken hostage in middle of the lake by the boat operators acting on behalf of two politicians and the so-called chamber of commerce.

8 thoughts on “Gojal: Boat operators put lives of passengers on risk, local people threaten massive protests

  1. shamful action of boat owners and socald chairman of commerce and his group they want to distroy the people of gojal but they dont know what their fate will be

  2. I was evedent of this barberic and brutal scene as i was travelling to Aliabad that morning among 82 other passangers.On instruction of Mr. Raseed Ali. Deputy Commissioner Hunza/Nagar we were sent to spillway among five police personnel of Gulmit Police Station headed by Mr. Jan Alam, SHO. when we arrived at the site we were warned by a mobile boat of the smugglers and were forced to return back immidiattaly but we refused as a number of female students were comming to Hunza for exams and serious patients were reffred to Gilgit for treatement. The decoits refused to listn to the police but on special request of the SHO they were agreed only to allow the female passangers to the spillway conditionally of the assurance of police that no police will proceed the blocked area to arrest the so called traders. Our boat operator were detained and another boat operator were allowed to drop the passangers. After detention of about 2.30 Hrs we reached spillway. about 130 passangers waiting at spillway who were going to Gojal, waiting till 7.00 AM went back to Aliabad as no boat was available. We donot understand that If Gojal donot gets a singal penny out the international border trade then why our whole population are facing this sort of insult and shamfulour from a bunch of smugglers who want to resolve thier crual demands from govt. I think this is a unique instance in the world that despite facilitating the of already calamity hit people are being dragged into an endless man made chain disaster. The shamful silience of our elected members are a matter of question.How long these decoits and terrorists, people who are already convicted in NAB for non refund of state money and who will stop thier barberic actions. It is more enoughnoe as last year in 6th August these armed terrorists attacked Gojal and tried to turn the whole situation into ethnic clash. I appeal to the people of Gojal particularly youth that when our 95% litreacy will work and when we will be able to defend our people and area. We must think before are completly being vanished by all means.

  3. is there not a single leader from hunza who will ask about the shameful act that has been done by so called bussiness man….shame on leader… as well as on our self who have lost there lives as well as the land but still we are pressed aside

  4. Well, I cannot understand a point. You have forums as well. literacy is above 95% as well, but you do not have your own a few boats? why do you rely on boats operated by outsiders? in the above circumstances, surely, others will have their monopoly on the lake.

    My suggestion is that the forum should organize fund raising events. Plan to develop transportation (your own) on the lake. In this mission every body of Hunza is with you. Ready?……………

    1. We need action from Cheif Minister Syed Medhi Shah against these terroristes.Who have taken hostage of our Moms, Sisters and patients in the middle of Attabad lake MEDHI SHAH should know by now who are terrorists!!!!!!!

  5. People of GB! keep dividing your selves in into groups and then sub groups,very soon you gonna face worst situation!,every one have their own agenda

  6. Really a shameful act from the individual’s for their personal gains and benefits. I do agree with the young Wakhini suggestion to immediate arrange the Boats and request to all the high ups with the v/w—–Os to come forward and solve the. Probs fo GOJALEEs

  7. Simply regrettable traders are now traitors,totally personal gains and not respecting the honor and dignity of the people of Gojal.
    Mr.Ehsan suggested well regarding boat ownership as I know majority of the boats are owned by Gojali that are more then enough to serve the people of Gojal with peace,yes the operators are paid and they are simple labors from other parts of pakistan, I know there are six boats from Ghulkin alone then from Shishkat,Gulmit,Morkoon,chipurson and other villages have their boats and due to these mafia they do not get load and passengers most of the time they are waiting for their turns.As a citizen of pakistan every person has the right to do business anywhere in Pakistan,but when they exploit our already disaster hit area why the Govt.and army are sleeping,It is a matter of relation between two countries as well the liveliness of 25000 human beings at the mercy of few selfish smugglers who never pay any taxes or abide by any national or international law and business ethics.

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