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40,000 Cusecs of water will be released after opening of spillway on Feb 15: Deputy Commissioner Gilgit

Efforts of the FWO to lower the water level have not had much impact in the past

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Gilgit, February 10: A blockade created on spillway of the dammed Hunza River is being opened on the 15th day of February, according to a notification issued by the office of deputy commissioner. The spillway had been blocked intentionally three weeks back to facilitate the workers of FWO who are trying to deepen it. According to the notification as much as 40,ooo Cubic feet per second (One Cusec equals 28.317 litres per second).

The deputy commissioner has informed the relevant departments and organization to prepare for facing any challenges that might emerge due to sudden release of a huge volume of water. People have been asked to stay away from river banks as a precautionary measure.

The notification issued by the deputy commissioner’s office is based on a letter sent by the FWO to Chief Secretary and other government officials in which they have been asked to inform the communities and prepare them for facing any eventuality.

A copy of the notification issued by the deputy commissioner's office

4 thoughts on “40,000 Cusecs of water will be released after opening of spillway on Feb 15: Deputy Commissioner Gilgit

  1. PT team, Kindly delete the figure shown in the bracket, in the report above. It has no meaning. The figure of 40,000 with the unit is good enough.

  2. Every one know that some used and unfunactional excavaters are looking on the spilway without any performance for the last two years and the people know if you block the dammed river for one or two weeks water level atomaticaly will rais, on discharging the same water what diffrences it will make or how it will facilitate the people of the is meaning less

  3. I am sure FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance must have activated their Early Warning System to warn villagers and also made announcements.
    GB-PDMA should take lead and ensure that people and assets of villagers are safe

    People should be vigilant and be prepared. The release of water may not be controlled.

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