Pamir Times – 4 years of echoing the voices of the Mountains Communities

Pamir Times was launched four (4) years ago on October 23, 2007, at a university lab in Karachi. During the last four years we have grown from strength to strength, primarily because of the love, support, trust and active participation of our readers. Today, as we turn four years old, it is our promise that in the years and decades ahead, we will keep raising voices for the mountain communities, through our network of self-less, unpaid, citizen reporters and contributors. Join us in celebrating the fourth year of organized citizen journalism.

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  1. I extend my heartiest congratulation to the committed team of Pamir times and readers as well on 4th anniversary of pamir times. Really we enjoy and up dates of GB events. We would appreciate if you will release the interviews of ministers, secretaries or departments heads to streamline the systems and make more beneficial these institution for a civilized and welfare society.

    Ali Mehr
    Danyore Gilgit

  2. Happy Anniversary Pamir Times
    PT has become a real platform for the voices that exist at the fringes of mainstream media. Your real sucess lies in bringing disperate voices under single plateform and becoming mainstream media of marginal voice, which is unlike the mainstream media that prefers to streamlines voices of mainstream. Wish you all the best. May PT grow leaps and bounds.
    Aziz Ali Dad

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