GB Minister forgives misbehavior of FWO officials in Skardu Road manhandling incident

GILGIT: Gilgit-Baltistan’s Health Minister Haji Gulbar Khan has announced that he has forgiven the FWO officials involved in manhandling of his gunman and driver on Skardu Road, yesterday.

According to a press release, the project director of FWO Col. Naeem visited the minister to offer apologies and assured action against the officials involved in the incident.

Speaking on the occasion, the Health Minister said that he has forgiven the officials in the wider interest of the country so that the “common enemy” could not take advantage of the incident.

The minister also appreciated the role of FWO in the development of the country.

Project Director FWO said that his organization was serving the nation day and night. He extended apologies from the minister and assured action against the officials responsible in the incident.

It is here to mention that Haji Gulbar Khan had registered a First Information Report (FIR) against FWO officials for allegedly misbehaving with him, MLA Fazal Rahim, the minister’s gunmen and driver and his son.

The FIR mentioned that the FWO officials “Kidnapped” the applicant and his companions and took them to a nearby camp and tortured them.

It also mentioned that the applicants were forced to sign a truce document.

FWO is working on expansion of the Jaglote-Skardu road. The incident reportedly took place when the Health Minister and his companions were returning to Gilgit after visiting Skardu.

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