JUI considers Gilgit – Baltistan an integral part of Kashmir: Maulana Fazlur Rehman

Participants of the Kashmir Conference. Photo by contributor

Mamtaz Hussain Gohar

Islamabad, February 3: Kashmir Committee Chairman, Maulana Fazlur Rehman,  has said that according to his party’s policy, Gilgit – Baltistan is an integral part of Kashmir. He said that this policy was approved in the previous session of All Parties Conference. “I am happy to announce it here today”, the JUI chief said, while addressing the “National Kashmir Conference,” arranged by Jamat-e-Islami, Jammu and Kashmir here in Islamabad hotel, Islamabad.

Raja Farooq Haider Former Chief Minister of Azad Kashmir told the conference that Kashmiries are completely against the self Governance ordinance for Gilgit Baltistan. This ordinance affected the independence movement of Kashmir, he said. He also accused the Government of Pakistan for “working against the “Karachi Agreement”.

“We will never accept Gilgit  – Baltistan Council in any circumstances”, he further said.. “If GB is not covered under article one than why Pakistani government assigned them Governor and chief minister. “We have strong doubts and fears about GB Governance ordinance and situation Of Gilgit Baltistan”, he further said.

President Azad Kashmir Zulqarnain expressed his feelings about Gilgit Baltistan that “I will resign From President ship If people of Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir agreed to select a new President jointly”.

GB Council Member, Maulana Attaullah Shahab said that the conference will bring the people of Kashmir and Gilgit – Baltistan closer to each other. “If we do not get any seat in the Senate and National Assembly, then there should be seats for us in the Kashmir Council’’, the provincial head of JUI (F) said. He further said that there should be a joint commission to work for bridging the gaps between the two people.

Chairman Gilgit Baltistan national alliance Inayat Ullah Shimali also told the conference that this self governace ordinance is only due to the efforts of GB National Alliance. We need to work on a single point agenda, Shumali said.

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  1. Please don’t indulge in the matter of Gilgit Baltistan we the people of GB have the right to decide our fate, we were never the part of Kashmir nor part of any other constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkha.We got independence in 1948 from Dogra Raj and acceded to Pakistan without any condition. Now what Mowlana thinks about our fate, he must think about the people of his constituency D I Khan and then the adjoining tribal areas, to stop suicide bombers? What he did when he was the Chairman Kashmir Committee in successive Govts.
    We are in far better position to decide about our destiny you are interfering in the affairs of GB on religious grounds because you have no political base here, it was your luck that gave you a single seat in GBLA is thankful to the people of GB for that.
    GB lover

  2. @M Hunza
    Aap ney Bilkul Baja farmaya:
    Moulana Sahb ye Gilgit/Baltistan he, Koi tera Fatwa nai Jis Taraf Chahey Lagadia. hamari 1 Alag Saqafat he ham 1 Alag Qoum hain.

  3. Shina ka ek maqola hy” Echey kum ne belto chuwayn manai” Ya ni Reech ka kam na ho to ……………….. Mulana sb b bilkul fareg hy. is liye wo GB k bare me aisi baten karta hy. janab molana sb khuda k liye kuch karen. is doobti hoi qoom k liye. ap ek bohot hi qabil ihtram shkhsiat hain. har form per apki bat mani jati hy. ap mehengayee k bare me bat q nahi karte, ap berozgari k bare me bat q nahi karte. ap sucide bombing k khalaf bat q nahi karte, ap badamani k bare me bat q nahi karte, ap na insafi k bare me bat q nahi qarte, ap is qoom ki behtari k liye q nahi shochte? ap ki in batoon se kis ko kia faida hoga? ap khate america k hain aur siasat GB me karte hain. aj hamara bacha bacha beroni qarzoon me dooba howa hai. ap k is bare me koi thinking hy k is qarze ki zalalat se pak qoom ko kaisay nikala jai. Agar GB ko kuch saholaten mel jayen to ap ke pait me dard q paida hota hy. ap apne ap ko is tarah se q set nahi karte hain k sab log kesi masalak ka hawala deye baghair apka ihtram karen. ap sab k liye qabil qabool q nahi hote? Khuda k liye is majboor o mahqoor qoom per rehem karen and apni zindagi ki simat sahi rakhen warna ye dunia hy aur ap ne hamesh k liye yahan per nahi rena. apne khuda ko b jawab dena.

  4. One the one hand the statment of Molana Fazal ur Rehman appears interefering into the affair of Gilgit-Baltistan, while on the other hand he has raised a very pertinent question about the constitutional status of the area: as there is not any reference of the area in the constituion. However, he has so far failed to take any concrete steps to make the area as part of Kashmir. Even the Kashmiri have failed for the past 6 decades to practically show that it is part of their territary. My dear Moulana and Kashmiri friends! Gilgit-Baltistan will be not with Kashmir so you better convert your attention towards other key issues. However, we must urge the present govt. to give the area full constitutional status and fully empower the people instead of making cosmatic change.

  5. NO WAY..

  6. so called Molana sahab…!!!!
    Apka dogla pan wafaq or dusri jagoon pe khoob saraha gya ye GILGIT hai GILGIT…..
    yahan tera formula fail rahega behter hai budhapay mai apne sath sath apni zubaan ko b sambaal leejiey…!!!

  7. Please don’t indulge in the matter of Gilgit Baltistan we the people of GB have the right to decide our fate, we were never the part of Kashmir nor part of any other constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkha.We got independence in 1948 from Dogra Raj and acceded to Pakistan without any condition

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