Water level in the Hunza River dropping

PT Report

Gulmit, August 31: The dammed Hunza River, stretched over a length of around 25 kilometers, is losing depth as temperate drop in the upstream valley reduces water inflow.

“The water level was close to my house two weeks ago”, a resident of Gulmit told Pamir Times. “Now the water has receded by at least 12 feet”, the man said. He also said that the water drop rate is slower.

According to sources the Frontier Works Organization has brought new excavation machinery to barrier of the dammed Hunza River near Attabad. The federal government had approved over 80 million rupees for deepening and expansion of the spillway a couple of months back.

The Chinese government had also been contacted by president Zardari for restoration of the Karakuram Highway, closed since January 4, 2010.

There are rumors about arrival of contingents of the Peoples Liberation Army for restoration of the KKH. However, sources based in the border town of Sost deny presence of Chinese Army officials in the region.

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