GB govt ready to deal with emergency: CM

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, Jan 13: The local as well as federal governments are ready to meet the crisis emerging in the cut-off Gojal tehsil due to blockade of the Hunza River and Karakoram Highway.

“All out efforts would be made to manage the situation arising due to the blockade of the river after the Atabad landslide,” said Gilgit-Baltistan chief minister Mehdi Shah while addressing a public gathering at Shishkat village on Wednesday.

Mr Shah said his government was in close contact with the Centre as well as the affected communities to deal with any emergency. He announced setting up of a basic health unit under the People’s Primary Health Initiative Programme at Shishkat.

Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly speaker Wazir Baig, famous mountaineer Nazir Sabir and government officials were accompanying him during his visit to the village facing threat from the blocked river water.

The chief minister also met with the people of Ayeenabad having immediate threat from formation of the lake. The people urged the chief minister to save the houses and properties of the 30 families of the village from inundation.

Addressing a public gathering in Gulmit, the tehsil headquarter of Gojal, the chief minister said that Wapda was monitoring the river carefully. He applauded the efforts of local volunteers for their organised efforts during relief operation.

The locals demanded of the Mr Shah to open the Khunjerab border to ensure proper supply of food and other basic items from China.

Later, Mr Shah visited the far-flung Chipursan valley and assured the people of proper supply of food and other necessities of life. [DAWN]

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  1. No Practical steps yet just statements and the Representatives of the GBLA are failied to helight the issue on national and international media, and the natural disasters is given less priority on elctronic media,,,it shows the ability and political will of newly elcted members…wake up and stop giving statements…try to involve Pak Army in relasing the water from Dam before it distroies every thing..

    1. I find Mr Masood Ali comment quite justified that they have just read the superficial note on the cover of the book of disaster but they havn’t gone through it. If there will be not any plan for the relise of water shortly. Every body in the area will suffer, they are this side or that side of the Blockage……

  2. What the CM has said is important and that’s how the system should work but emergency should not emerge after devastation rather it should be preemptive and take precautionary steps. In a place like Gilgit-Baltistan there should a permanent emergency system in place as the area is volatile due to its particular geographic location. In case of a disaster like the present one at Attaabd we look towards south for the necessary equipment to deal with situation. Instead we should have a proper emergency so that it could arrive timely and take preventive measures before it is too late.

  3. Dear Chief Minister your govt. strategy is like “Ah Bail muja mar” you have follow the wait and see strategy once the water level cover the whole area Ayeen abad shishkat and some parts of gulmit suffer the damage and automatically the water itself will release and you will get the credit what you need to do is immediate open the chinese border use the army helicopter try to release the water from the dam.

    Rehmat Karim



  5. Hey respected speaker sahib what r u doing???????
    Sir think for a while why the people have elected you??
    I request u to put forward this issue in the assembly and give a solution of this problem and if u r able to do this then we all will appreciate u otherwise………………..

  6. Dear All, the people who voted should ask the representatives, what they are doing? who they are waiting for?
    this is the time to feel and know the reality of the flip flop Policy!

  7. President GSF “gojal students fedration gilgit unit, we are special thankful to gov of pakistan, political leaders and other NGO’s they are playing their role in attaabad hunza or gojal, but its very important to relase the water and think for gojal area and hunza .the media is totally fail in Attaabad hunza.i request for the youth of gojal and hunza to play their role in these days.

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