Nawaz Sharif concerned about Hunza lake situation

LAHORE – Expressing serious concern over the alarming rise in water level of Hunza Valley’s artificial lake, PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has asked the government to take necessary measures to protect the life and property of local people on immediate basis.
In a Press statement issued on Sunday, Nawaz demanded of the government that it should take immediate steps to shift the people residing in the surroundings of the artificial lake of Attabad and Hunza Valley, to safe places keeping in view the alarming rise in water level of the lake.

The government should also take necessary measures to safeguard the properties of the locals, he added.

He said that the federal government should direct the Gilgit-Baltistan government to initiate immediate steps for controlling the outflow from the artificial lake safely, while it should also take urgent steps to safeguard the life and property of the people.

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  1. Thanks God…Nawaz Sharif also spoke after 126 days, when everything is under water. Too late my dear Pakistani politicians, media and civil society…when we were crying u were sleeping.

    1. yara kam se kam itna to bola na

      dair ayadh durust ayad
      GE A PMLN
      jalal gojaly

  2. very good morning .thanks 4 being such updated politician i guess all politicians are in slumber.

  3. timely action is the essence of ledership prerequisite. I guess he did miss the boat!

    1. Go there where is the will . its too late to medicate the deep wounds.. thnx all parties ,media groups and civil society for showing your concern for Sinking paradise….God Bless Gojal

  4. Where are the opposition parties who took part in the GB elections, I can see only one of them who is still determined to raise her voice with the people of GB and that voice is of PML(Q) MNA, Ms. Marvi Memon, I think it is her personal commitment and not leading her parties vision for GB.

    We were expecting that the opposition parties would pay their due role in raising this very serious threat of huge artificial lake caused by the catastrophic landslide of January 04, 2010.

    But it seems that this is none of their business and their business is only to safeguard their own private businesses sitting in the parliament.

    We were expecting that the parliamentarian of Mutahida Qoumi Movement to highlight this issue in the upper and lower houses of the parliament because they claim to be the second largest vote takers in the last election for the legislative assembly of Gilgit-Baltistan but they too were silent about the mass suffering of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    As the experts have never ruled out the probability of sudden breach of the artificial lake and huge amount of damage to the population living downstream, and infrastructure including number of bridges, road, buildings, agricultural land is now feared mainly because of inactions on the part of NDMA, FWO and the provincial government of GB.

    If the worst things happens, is there any authority in the country including the Supreme Court of Pakistan who can bring the responsible of this downplaying of the whole event while the international experts had already indicated the possible outcome and damages in the worst case well before time.

    I believe that the opposition leaders are equally responsible for not raising the issue on an appropriate level and the media that always highlight issues where their commercial interest is best served no matter how important the issue is like they were involved in the wedding of Shoaib Malik while ignoring real issues were public interest is involved.

    If the worst happens in this case Pakistan government will be paying a huge cost for repairing the damages and the possible losses of human lives will even then be irreparable.

    May Allah save Pakistan and its poor citizen against all odds.

  5. The giant flood of 1858 which happened in same conditions wreaked havock til Attock, and even sent a giant wave up to Kabul river for several dozens of kilometers. And Tarbela dam wasn’t there at this time… Is Tarbela dam able to withstand the huge wave that would tumble down from the mountains ?
    I find it unbelievable that the leaders of Gilgit-baltistan & Pakistan haven’t taken any real step to counter this huge threat. This is not only about people living along the Hunza & Indus rivers, this is about the whole country. How terrible would be the destruction in case of a flash-flood, it might be nothing compared to the aftermath. This is a national threat and not taking action to counter it is a crime against Pakistan & the people of Pakistan.

    Here some article from DAWN, which alas sums up quite rightly the situation. Politicians just don’t care…

  6. Mr.Nawaz sharif has just found an opportunity to increase his popularity. He is actually not concerned about the people. Shame on such polititions.

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