“Lake – Water Bomb headed South”, Marvi Memon

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Gilgit, May 09: MNA Marvi Memon seems visibly distressed after visiting the disaster hit parts of Gojal valley today. Writing on her twitter account the PML member of national assembly says that PPP has failed to implement the recommendations made by the national assembly back in January. “Why had they nt taken china’s help wch cld hav saved this water bomb n mnths of suffering for cut off population”, she writes on her twitter account.

“Why had none of the other dozen recomendations on compensation etc nt been done either” she further writes in SMS language generally used on twitter and other instant messaging services. She also reports the affected people complaining while standing near the lake.

Marvi also blasts FWO personnel for still coming up with “Sub acha hai” reports. The MNA also says on her twitter account that she is writing an article for a leading Urdu newspaper on the situation in Gojal valley.

She says that the disaster has grown into “a 300 ft deep lake-water bomb headed south”, due to inability of the government to act rapidly for draining the lake.

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  1. Regardless of her political affliation, she has always tried to raise the voice for the real issues at all levels. Hats-off to Marvi for raising voice regarding annticipated catestrophe based on lake out-brust and the Govt.’s incompitancies in making the counter arrangements.
    We the people of Hunza, offer our profound gratitudes for it,.

  2. Dear PT Team,
    Last Day Mian Nawaf Sharif had a press briefing (Sunday after noon) to media regarding the issue of Atta abad Landslide.
    It would be better if you could give a coverage of that media briefing as well.

    All the Best for your future endeavours.


    1. brother strange sitting in ac drawing rooms and delivering lec and sermons to media,its only marvwho got the courage to reach on the seine and raised the voice,a great leader she is and the tigers r stinng in palces what kind of lions these r????????/

  3. Disregarded Gojal and now they are miserable but why? Because leadership is failed and they didn’t work to save there Mother Land.
    At the last stage Nawaz is starting claying but PPP is still sleeping .wazir Baig and Mutabyat should resigned .

  4. Dear Hassam……Nawaz Sharif is too late to spoke on this issue. nothing can be done…it is 126 days , Goojal is under water and now whatever is to happen downstream that will happen.

    Without political affiliations…Marvi Memon was the one who voiced for us.

  5. Ms.Marvi Memon has taken a right stand and she is asking powerful questions. They deserve answers. Thank you Ms Marvi Memon for being a friend of peoples of Hunza

    Mr.Nawaz Sharif has also highlighted the plight of peoples of Gojal albiet late,nonetheless thank you.

    Please both of the above respected political leaders,please request governemnt to expedite the relief and assistance for the affected people. We all are Pakistani first. MayI very humbly also suggest and request to respected leaders of PPP,PML(N),PML(Q).MQM etc to please request and start a multi year programme of disaster mitigation and management for Gilgit-Baltistan Province. The area is in high earthquake zones and there are lot of landslids, avalanches and glacier flooding. Please have expert NGO like FOCUS to help in this.

    We are thankful to all:PPP, PML(N),PML(Q),MQM etc for their words of kindness.Please urgently help the peoples.

  6. Thanks Ms. Marvi for being with us . U have raisen your voice right from the begning. We appreciate your efforts.

  7. Thanks Ms. Marvi for raising the voice of GB … where are the sleeping leaders of hunza …what they did for us …just rhetoric talks … the documents of attabad victims are still in ali abad teh ….. y they are not forward the doc and make measurements for compensation ….they are waiting for beg disaster ….

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