Consultation session on 18th constitutional amendment held in Hunza

Strengthening Democracy through Parliamentary Developments (SDPD) held a consultation session for educationists and political activists belonging to Hunza and Gojal Valley. SDPD works for creating linkages between the parliament and civil society through awareness-raising and consultative sessions. The current session focused primarily on the 18th constitutional amendment. A session was also held for educationists. PT Report

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  1. Well, I do not think that virtually there is a link of 18th amendment with that of Gilgit Baltistan. And if such was the case, Supreme Court of Pakistan would have taken numerous sou-moto actions against hundred of human right voilation cases. Definitely it would not as the region (G.B) do not legally comes under the control of Islamabad. Rather its fate hanging for where UN resolutions which assumes region an integral part of Kashmir conflict that caused to bring two neighboring states on verge of raw abstain Islamabad to consider it as its integral part. Even constitution of Pakistan not clear about the destiny of this region for it has get affiliation via non-representative elements with out certain terms and conditions.
    A constituion silent to discuss over a particular subject hardly needs such seminars or workshop for that is irrelevent. Say it: Begana Shadee may Abullah deewanah!

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