New provinces: 20th Amendment is foundation of change, says Sattar [Express Tribune]

Published: January 8, 2012
MULTAN: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) senior leader and Deputy Convener Raabta Committee Farooq Sattar said on Sunday that the approval of the 20th amendment from the parliament will be a gift of change to the middle class society, poor people and struggling classes of Pakistan.

“The 20th amendment is the foundation of change in Pakistan,” said Sattar.

He was talking to the media in a weekly program called Meet the Press at the Multan press club. Sattar said that MQM took pride in the fact that they were the leaders of change in Pakistan and had presented the 20th amendment in parliament for discussion.

“We have placed the demand for the formation of a new province Southern Punjab as a top priority in the amendment for the people. If hindrances will be created in the way, then there will be protests and agitations not only in Southern Punjab but all over Pakistan by the MQM,” he added.

Sattar said that MQM was the voice of the people of Pakistan and it was the party’s duty to stand alongside with them in their demands and that they would face all challenges with the people.

He added that the 20th amendment would usher a new Pakistan, if politics of hypocrisy and political reconciliation did not come in its way.

“The powers trying to block the resolution of a new province in Punjab must be aware of the grievances of the people of southern Punjab. I cannot guarantee the solidarity of Pakistan if hurdles will be created for the 20th amendment. Today our country is standing on the verge of dismemberment. Balochistan has today converted into East Pakistan and people of hazara already have many reservations over deprivation of their rights. Our basic challenge is to save Pakistan by maintaining its solidarity.”

Speaking on the creation of South Punjab, Sattar further said that the population of Punjab was greater than 160 countries of the world.

“We are struggling for southern Punjab to give it freedom from the ‘kings’ sitting in Lahore otherwise it will never be given its due right. We are not in favor of an administrative unit but support the demand of the people of the southern Punjab which is a new province with all constitutional rights.”

The MQM leader said that MQM will be with the people from the parliament to the streets to support their demands.

“We have been blamed that we have no constitutional right and public right to raise this voice. If we agree with this blame, then the politicians of Punjab are deaf for not hearing the woes of the people of southern Punjab. They have disappeared in Lahore and in the assembly unaware of the voices of the people. Jinnah’s Pakistan will be made by MQM by achieving the objectives of the 20th amendment.”

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