Young man accused of involvement in Hunza riots commits suicide

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Aliabad, October 31: A young man named Fazal Karim, son of Gohar Hayat, has committed suicide in Aliabad, Hunza, by hanging himself. Fazal was one of the persons declared absconders by an Anti-Terrorism Court in Gilgit. Fazal was accused of involvement in riots that erupted in Hunza Valley after the brutal murder of two innocent IDPs by the Hunza Police.

Fazal had, reportedly, been in hiding since the riots.

Body of the deceased youth was laid to rest in presence of thousands of mourners after autopsy conducted in presence of the Police.

The Home Secretary and GB Government have, still, failed to make the findings of an investigation into the murder of the two IDPs, father and son, public. The delay in release of the report is drawing criticism from all segments of the society, with many accusing the government of hiding the facts to protect the criminals.

Hundreds of cases were registered against innocent youth in Hunza Valley on charges of riots after the broad day-light murder of the two IDPs who were protesting peacefully for their rights. The random arrests and raids had caused severe frustration and fear in the society, exacerbating the condition of many who were already suffering as a result of the two year old landslide and lake disaster that has kept Hunza under siege.

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  1. very sad news on the birthday of GB. On this day large number of Hunza youth are still in tense due to this corrupt govt. Once again on the birth of GB Hunza is demanding for justice and peace in the valley. one who dont know the history go the graveyard of chinarbagh and look at our forefathers who laid down their lives for our freedom. we can repeat the history. and if this unjustice continues then any thing can be happen.
    we need justice ….

  2. hunza is on target and we now who is doing all this dirty game . lets get together and be united .

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