GBLA 2009 Election: are you satisfied with results?

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  1. ppp na dhandli keya ha es leya pura qom es gbla elec sa kush nay ha………..personaly my point of veiw is that ……….ki re election karwana chaheya……..ya to ppp walon na dhandli kar ka selection keya ha……….

  2. The most currupt party of pakistan win the elections. by disturbuting forms of baitul mal and BISP in the whole region.

  3. touseef bhai with due respect agr dhandli hoti tu ghulam muhammad nae harta..!! aur 4 seats nae jati azad umidwaroon ko..!!

  4. ab jo hona tha hogaya . ab kuch be karo jeet to gaya hai Wazir Baig (the king of hunza). jieyai ppp
    jieyai Bhutto
    jeiyai Wazir Baig
    jeiyai jeyai jeiyai ppp

  5. GM has lost because we, the people of yasin, were already aware of all the possible tactics he or establishment could use. believe me they tried their level best but could not manage. there was pre poll rigging (BISP and baitulmaal cards were distributed to alter the decisions of people)

  6. what do u are going to see. do u have listened about the fake forms of BISP from from Kira????????????

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