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Mian Nawaz Sharif in traditional Gilgiti cap

PML (N) leader Nawaz Sharif wearing a traditional Gilgiti cap, with feathers
PML (N) leader Nawaz Sharif wearing a traditional Gilgiti cap, with feathers

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  1. Yes I saw yesterday Nawaz Sharif wearing our traditional feathered cap. Does any one know what is the back ground of this all.

    Hidayat Karim

  2. Yes Mr Hidayat ,
    Hafiz Hafiz U Rehman gifted this on the same day from the youth of Gilgit-Baldistan

  3. This is really interesting. I do not think he was wearing it just to wear a cup. If you all remember, he has been using the word NAs in most of his speeche from the last few weeks, with some signals of constitutional rights to the people of GB

    On the other hand the government is also going to introduce some package for NAs, as announced by the KANA Minister Mr. Kaira (God knows what??)

    All I can predict is both parties are going to use NAs issue as a political tool against each other, making the peple of GB divied into groups, and at the end there will be nothing for the people of NAs.

    God bless GB..


  4. It’s good but why he wears it on the especial day of Pakistan Day?

    salman karim

  5. Pakistani politicians hamarey cultural TOPI pehan ker baad may apney political maqasid key liyey phir hamey TOPI pehnatey hain, aur ham badey khushi sey PPP zindabad, PML-N zindabad, PMLQ zindabad ka nara buland kertey rehtey hain, yeh leaders bohod sarey wadey aur suhaney khuwab dikhatey hain aur baad may jab iqtidar may aatey hain toe un ko kuch yaad nahi rehta bikool hamarey mohtaram Zardari sap aur un ki cabinet ki tara……..ISS KI TOPI US KEY SER, US KI TOPI ISS KEY SER

    Mafi chahtey hain kisi ko ager acha nahi laga toe. laiken haqeeqat wohi hey


  6. nly from cap Nawaz is not from Gilgit Baltistan he is Punjabi>>>>>>..
    Nawaz is from Lahore he got vote from Punjab not from Gilgit Baltistan we have to build hours on leader and give the gilgiti cap ,,,,,,,

  7. Some guys have negective and some positive view point about the logic of wearing it in Pakistan Day, but i do hope you all agreed he looks very good in our traditional cap. (^_^)

  8. Dear All,

    although we all are well aware of our status deprived from the basic right of selecting our representators at the NA, but alas we all are blindly following these autocratic leaders, who may never accept a democratic system first withen their parties.

    what ever behind this TOPI show of, BUT it really Looks good.

    Kind Regards,

    Shahid Ali

    The FMFB Rawalpindi.

  9. kitne masoom log hai ye
    jo dherte ka haq nahe mangte
    agar 50 rupea ke note pa k2 ke teswer chapte ha
    gar nawaz sharif hamre rewayete tope phente ha
    to fakhar se be weja inn masoom logon ka sir uucha hota ha
    kitne masoom log hai ye

  10. He looks like one of the people in Northern Areas in this traditional cap.This cap symbolizes love and respect for someone who values humanity.The problem here arises whether he deserves it or not.He would had ,if during the golden chances of ruling the country he had not ignored the demand of ”recognition ”of the people of northern areas.This is the the basic and huge problem of the people of Northern Areas.Our political leaders have to consider this issue.

  11. He is the man who took stand for the independent judiciary… he deserves the cap…

    malang jon

  12. what he did for gilgit balthistan????????????????????????
    nothing …………………………………………………………………….
    The man who did his best for Gilgit Baltiistan is Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf ….JA Musharraf

  13. No Dowd This cap symbolizes love and respect for someone But as politcian people not mach with these feeling so derar Nawaz shahrif keep away this cap frm the drty Game.

  14. Nawaz can do many thing for Gilgit just coprate with him…………………………

  15. We all know, he did nothing for GB when he was ruling this country. Now this is a toppy drama with the innocent people of NAs. Qari Hafiz should know that our votes for him in only because of his own creditability not because of Nawaz Sharif. Now people can judge the politicians how they are sincere with them. We dont like dramabaz any more………

  16. Donned in Gilgiti headgear, Mian Saheb will hopefully remember the constitutionally deprived people of Gilgit-Baltistan and would take appropriate decision to ameliorate their genuine and longstanding political problems, whenever he gets back to the corridors of power.

    Let’s hope for the better

  17. plz dont compain for nawaz and dont involve pollitics with our culture bcoz “culture gher siasi hota hai”.

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