CM assures flood affectees of full government support

by Abbas Wafa

Gilgit, July 30: A two kilometer long stretch of road leading to the Naltar 18 MW powerhouse has been destroyed due to torrential rains. Power pylons have also fallen down due to landslides, boulder falls and heavy rains. Powerhouses are said to be under threat due to the flood.

Cultivated land and plants located at banks of the Hunza River near Nomal have been destroyed due to increased water flow.  Irrigation channels are also under threat or damaged due to debris flows and boulder falls.

According to a source from Nomal people are apprehensive that reconstruction of roads and revival of the electricity supply lines would take months.

Visiting the flood affected people yesterday CM Shah said that the government would not let any stone unturned to compensate and rehabilitate them. He was accompanied by MLA Deedar Ali and Public Accounts’ Committee chairman, Razi udin Rizvi.

The government has also distributed 130 tents among the people displaced from their houses. Around 40 displaced families are living with their relatives who have opened their houses to help the affected people in the times of disaster.

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