[PT Election Cell] “PPP to compensate Hunza through Technocrat and Women Seat”

PPP rally in Aliabad Hunza

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, November 09: Ministers assured to provide all resources for the development of Hunza while addressing public gatherings in Aliabad and Gulmit as part of the election campaign for PPP candidate Wazir Baig.  Syed Khursheed Shah, Federal Minister for Labour and Man Power said that Hunza will be compensated in Gilgit-Baltistan assembly through Technocrat seat and the new assembly will decide about the additional seat. He said the party will be blamed if the new seats will be announced just before the election. The Government of PPP has given the provincial status for the Gilgit-Baltistan and funds will be further allocated to speed-up development, he said.

Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan, Federal Minister for Communication assured for immediate payments of the compensation of KKH after its approval. He assured to order for the feasibility of truckable roads for the far-flung Chipurson, Misgar and Shimshal valleys after going back to Islamabad.

Babar Minhas, President PPP Islamabad announced to put-up the proposal for declaration of Shinaki as district and also assured the construction work on Shinaki Bridge will be resumed soon. He announced scholarships for needy students from Hunza through Baitil Mal. He also announced free medical treatment for the Heart attack and Hepatitis patients and wheel chairs for disabled people.

Addressing the gathering, Wazir Baig, the PPP ticket holder demanded for an additional seat for Hunza in the assembly. He further demanded a cadet college, 25 beds hospital in Sost, staffing of Gulmit Hospital, construction of  truck-able roads for Shimshal and Chipurson, construction of power stations, employment of youth, great water scheme for Central Hunza, rehabilitation of the affectees in Attabad, establishment of a technical institute and KIU campus in Hunza. He also demanded for the declaration of Shinaki and Upper Gojal as Tehsil status.

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