In the land of Everest

by Noor

One of the largest changes of the twenty first century, so far, is expansion and further development of the internet media. Instant messaging, integration of audio, video, graphics and texts, and the invention of technologies that can transmit such a rich content across the globe in split seconds is a wonderful experience indeed. These advances have enabled hitherto powerless consumers of news and views to become content producers and publishers. Millions of blogs, websites and profiles on various social networks stand as a testimony for this fact.

We recently participated in a workshop held for new media practitioners. The jargon being used was ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) and the event a review workshop organized by Panos South Asia in the peaceful and simply beautiful capital of the mountainous Nepal.

Zulfiqar and I represented two modern media and knowledge initiatives nurturing in the remote valleys of Gilgit – Baltistan. Zulfiqar was officially participating as chief editor of Karakuram Knowledge Highways, the first and only development journal of GB, and I represented Team Pamir Times as its founder and chief editor. Zulfiqar, of course, also represented Pamir Times as its founder and coordinator. There were some other new media practitioners from Pakistan, including Jafar, Zeeshan and Waqar Mustafa of South Asia Media Monitor. Indians, Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis and Nepalese ICT practitioners also participated in the workshop, sharing highly valuable information about the new media and its numerous potentials.

I delivered a 25 minutes presentation on the progress of Pamir Times and its role in information management and dissemination, youth engagement and virtual integration of the global GB Diaspora. I specially mentioned and thanked our volunteers who are using their time, knowledge and energies for creating an informed society.

Discussing our experiences, the role of Pamir Times during the Silk Route Dry Port controversy, GBLA elections, Ghizar unrest and, most recently, the Attabad Landslide disaster and Gojal Lake hazard were discussed and presented as success stories.

We also proposed that in the future Panos South Asia shall train and equip young citizen journalists from the remote parts of South Asia to help them represent their societies in an effective and efficient manner during different situations, including natural and men made disasters.

It was an enjoyable experience overall and a wonderful knowledge sharing and learning opportunity.

While the workshop came to an end a new journey seemed to have taken off. Sanat Chakraborthy from Asaam – India said, “We mountain people are the same everywhere. If we don’t live intelligently we will not be able to survive”. I agreed and we resolved to work together to employ new media for betterment of the mountain societies of the world.

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  1. Noor et Zulfiqar- this is really gr8!. Both PT and KKH have made strides in a very short time in the history of GB. while the credit goes to the many volunteers and young professionals, the real work was and is being done both of YOU as young leaders of the ‘new economy’.

    Keep it up, and there are new strides to make.

    Amin Beg

  2. Great definately blongs journalism done great job and so has KKH.
    Wonderful all the voulnteer contributors.

    Zulfiqar and Noor both of you have done splindid job.

    Aafiyat Nazar

  3. What a great change! well done both Zulfiqar and Noor.

    Can GECA organize a session and request Noor and Zulfiqar to share their experience with the population in Islamabd! I guess dessimination of such learning with young people would be most needed.

  4. I congratulate both of you as young dynamic media practitioners from BG to participate in an event such as ICT4D. In this rapidly shrinking world of media today, it is imperative to focus issues through an effective and a rapid tool of information such as internet to reach across the masses in a short span of time. “Share and aware”, is the only way forward to acheive the collective goal of area development as well as to enhance awareness in the mountain communities across the region.
    Motivation, commitement, steadyness and objectivity alongwith hard work are the essential tools for success and we have witnessed these capacities in both of you. Bravo! God bless you.

  5. As we (thousands of us from all over the world) have made PT as our daily routine and its the only medium to learn about the well expressed situations, knowledge able judgments, reliable media about Gojal and the rest of GB. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks firstly both of you (Zulfiqar and Noor) and secondly the rest of the volunteer team for your efforts.

    Keep up the good work….

  6. Congrats Noor and Zulfiqar Bhai for experiencing and enjoying a wonderful workshop on knowledge sharing and learning opportunity.
    Best of luck ahead


  7. Dear Zulfi and Noor.

    Congrats on your achievements and successes. You have really achieved these milestones which shows your commitment and hard work..

    Especially your role as future leaders makes you both as role models for the youth.


  8. Congratulations, for the new era PT n KKH lead us high as our mountains are

    Best wishes for the betterment and new ideas, creativity among the youth of GB in future. Together we can bring changes in the GB

    Zulfi & Noor look smart. Keep it up


  9. I would like to congratulate YOU both. This is the no doubt a step toward the new educational arena of our society.

  10. this is very happy to achievement of remote valleys of gojal hunza.were no commutation facilty and no any other media facility without all of these to archived this stag i congratulate to team pamir news mubarak badd all of you

  11. Thanks for sharing your jurney stpry, i am proud of you both, really these are achievements and still KKH and PT has to rise at high. Volunteerism is the success and you prove it by your effforts.

  12. Dear Noor and Zulfiqar,

    Welcome back to pakistan after a successful professional trip to Nepal. I hope you will use the experience to capacitate and strengthen Pamir Times.

    I am proud of you both,

    Take care,

    Aziz Ahmed

  13. Dear noor and zulfiqar,
    its a great pleasur to all of us ,that you are doing an outstanding work for the betterment of our beautifull and remot vallley.your work and way of integaration is more benficient for the people of GB.

    we appriciate and incourage your contributions,effieciency,engitice and knowledge for this porpuse.

    best of luck and keep it on.

    with best wishs
    rehmat raheem sherazi

  14. Dear Brothers,
    Wonderful achievement! Keep it up……. and …… hope you will avail such opportunities in future. I do hope our youth will learn from your experiences and will participate in such events.

    Thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  15. Bravo to both Noor and Zulfiqarabad!

    You are the Ambassadors of North and representing our entire region.

    We wish you all the success and have fantistic and full of learing trip!


    KIU, Gilgit.

  16. Dear Noor and Zulfiqar,
    Congratulations for representing our part of the world in the land of Everest. Pamir Times has become real spokesman of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. My generation failed to keep pace with changing mediums in modern times. But you have not only got command over it, but also turned into a viable interactive space. Wish you all the best the world has to offer.
    Aziz Ali Dad

  17. Mr.Zulfiqar and Mr. Noor certainly it is just because of your hard sincere and continous efforts which is pushing you ahead of local national and international media.
    As i usualy mention that i became habitual before taking break fast i always sit on my pc i enxiouly read what is new in PT. You guys are role models the way you guys are retailing Hunza disaster the most contomplating issue and fighting for the rights of GB is wonderful.
    Accept my heartfelt congratulations for representing GB in the develpment of internet media conference held in nepal. You and ur teams mates are doing gr8 job.
    with best wishes

    Ali Masud


  18. Dear Zulfiqar and Noor

    Great news and thanks for sharing your experience. I am very happy for you.

    yet again one of the clicking beaty of such efforts has been insipration for the young blood.wordly connection has been muh needed 4 moutain regions with d quest to know d multiplicity of cultures.Noo nd Zulfi have been inpiring ang i wish them best of luck……

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