A Jamat Khana at risk in Shishkat

Jamat Khana is the place of worship and also serves as a community center within the Ismaili communities. This newly constructed Jamat Khana is most likely going to get submerged in the lake water.

Another Jamat Khana at Ayeenabad has already been dismantled. [Source: Arsalan]

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  1. Ho ma God really very shocking news!!!! please God help us i don’t what is our fault plz God forgive us!!!

  2. God is Great
    We built the buildings but stay far from just think why we built it when we can’t visit it in a month or in a year for once

  3. Zulfiqar Bhai (PT) can you please update us about the remaining height to overflow? reports from focus and other organizations

  4. Itz a matter of great loss not only in term of property, but psychologicaly it will remain in peoples mind for a years. God only knows what he z doing whether right or wrong? it should be taken as an examination for what we have done in the past? so i urgue our peoples to plz believe in God and keep petience with full passion.
    THANKS !

  5. Is there any estimate that weather the water l overflow before reaching JK or not ? what are updates?

  6. its not because of Our sins rather its a golden Chance to make Ourself realize that human Beings are Nothing but accepters of all which happen to him, we all should Come forward and help the people effected to Our most…We must be Patient and Should pray that May Moula Help Us to recover as soon as Possible…Its a Unique time to test to What extend Our Slumber stricken Leadership is On land and how much in Water but Still not woke Up… its time to test them…I do question that where are they?? and what are they doing?? If they Cant Extend their support today than their Presence is of No Use, Its very little problem but their Negligence make it Worse day by day… People Must be Patient and this all happened to them will be in their good favor INSHALLAH

  7. Its me Haritham Khan from ATTAABAD, the effected region….I will request all Stakeholders to please Show Unity and take Decision with Care, unanimously and in Cooperation with Our Beloved Imams Sacred Institutions…..This happened to us to Check that how much we are Patient and Thankful, We all have to Be Unite and Come forward with Courage to Tackle The SItuation….

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