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Nationalists of Gilgit – Baltistan likely to defeat pro-Pakistan parties, Ghazanfar Ali Khan

PT report

Gilgit, July 4: Chief Executive of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA), Ghazanfar Ali Khan, has warned Islamabad that nationlist parties of Gilgit – Baltistan will defeat “pro-Pakistan” (federalist) parties in the coming election.

Daily Times’ Iqbal Khattak has reported Ghazanfar as saying that the nationalist parties are exploiting “policies of Islamabad towards Northern Areas” and “funded by foreign elements… gaining strength in the region”. The report says that Ghazanfar termed Abdul Hameed Khan of BNF (Hameed) as “the Altaf Hussain of Northern Areas”.

“We can fight these forces if Islamabad gives constitutional powers in our hands,” Ghazanfar reportedly said.

The nationalists and their symapathizers are terming these fresh comments of Ghazanfar as an effort to involve “invisible hands” in the forthcoming elections. “This is almost tantamount to pre-election rigging”, said a member of  Karakuram Students Organization (KSO).  A sympathizer of BNF rebuked the statement of Ghazanfar saying “If Hameed is the Altaf Hussain of Northern Areas, Ghazanfar is the Mir Jafer of Gilgit – Baltistan”.

It is for the first time that chief executive of the NALA has pointed out the nationalists in a very harsh tone. It is pertinent to note here that BNF has been working in the region since 1992-93, and during this period it has divided into two sub-groups (Hameed & Naji). Similarly, Karakuram National Movement has been operational since 1980s. Also at Daily Times

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  1. well dears,
    the only way to show strength in the area, BNF, KNM or any nationalist party of Gilgit Baltistan has to be part of legislative assembly. public of gilgit baltistan has no positive sentiments about these so called nationalist movements, monetory incentive seekers as per i consider them (on practical facts).
    well Mr. Ghazanar is very right to say that Naitonalist thought will prevail in upcoming elections (if provided proper and visionary leadership, my addition), which infact is very difficult to find. Another important thing to consider is that intelligencia in not in hybernation that Ghaznfer ( an unsuccessfull leader ) would awake them. blamming each other would not give us anyhing at all. if you need change uproot these monetary banefit seekers and replace them with young and visionary individuals with ablity to generate public standing. (most important thing is to gain representation in every level of politics). well a long route to travell but we have to start from ourselves …..

  2. Mir Ghazanfer has no right to complain his fellow leaders (Nationalist) to Pakistani establishment or media because they are fighting for rights of our own people.If Ghanzafer is comparing Abdul Hamid Khan with Altaf Hussain than he must also know that It was Altaf Hussain who is responsible for the rights of Mahajirs who were previously rediculed as “bhai”

  3. 21 century is the century of nationalists. Nations ingoring their identity may not rise and stand. It is an era of new great game and every individual should b a nationalist otherwise he may loose his identity under the boots of new great game.
    Ghazani is still living in 20 century so ignore his selfish statements and we should unite. He is the product of divide and rule policy.

  4. I am inhabitant of Astore Gilgit.Now I am working as a journalist with a reputable newspaper of Pakistan here in karachi.The comments of Ghazanfar Sahib are baseless and no one is going to trust upon that.There are no ideological people in that part of the world and people still vote him who is infulential and powerful like other parts of the Pakistan.From Astore a nationalist was won in pervious election but on basis of relegion even though he is a nationalist.Prior to winning the election he regularly conducting conferences which were attended only few people but the moveement he got the employment mr Muzaffar Rally forgetton every thing and five years gone but he didnt raise even voice for the rights or people of NAs.Basically poor leaders try to get benifit an funds by doing that kind of things and they are no threat to govt of Pakistan which is violationg andsupressing the people.

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