Tue. May 18th, 2021

Cumulative discharge from Hunza River lake reaches 1200 Cusecs

PT Report

Gilgit, June 2: According to information obtained by Pamir Times the cumulative water discharge from the lake formed on Hunza River has increased to around 1200 Cusecs, as of 12 O’clock today. Around 850 Cusecs of water is reportedly passing through the spillway.

Retrogressive erosion of the spillway has further increased, according to information shared by reliable sources.

There are also reports about erosion of the spillway in the middle and upper portion. It is here to note that henceforth most of the erosion was taking place at toe of the spillway.

1 thought on “Cumulative discharge from Hunza River lake reaches 1200 Cusecs

  1. The water discharge is gradually but surely rising. It will be interesting to see how the spillway reacts to the rising pressure. The question is will the discharge rate eventually overtake the inflow rate, and what will happen when it does. Is there a possibility of a oscillating effect where the increased discharge rate lowers the lake level to below the spill way level and cause the discharge rate to decrease, thus giving a chance for the lake to fill up again. The possibility of all the blockage suddenly giving way seems small to me at this time. So I hope there would be no further loss due to flooding. Ameen.

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