Hunzo-e-Qomi Maraka demands withdrawal of ‘fake cases’

Press Release

Islamabad: Hunzo-e- Qomi Maraka has condemned ‘treason charges’ against the youth of Hunza who protested in presence of the prime minister of Pakistan, while he was visiting Karimabad, Hunza, earlier this year.

A resolution sent to the press by the Maraka demands withdrawal of the treason charges. The resolution also saids that  people of Hunza have rendered countless sacrifices for protection of Pakistan. The resolution says that protesting against injustice is a constitutionally protected right of the citizens.

The resolution expresses ‘grave concern’ over the attempts to suppress the people who raised their voices in favour of the disaster hit people of Attabad.

The people of Attabad are still living at relief camps established in Karimabad and Altit Hunza, waiting to get compensation for their losses. Ten months have passed since the village of Attabad slid into the Hunza River and blocked its flow, creating a 22 kilometer long and 380 ft deep river-lake.

The Hunzo-e- Qomi Maraka, a Burushaski term meaning the “National Forum of Hunza”, has demanded of the interim governor, Wazir Baig, who is also an elected representative of Hunza Valley, to finish the ‘bogus cases’ and not support ‘non-democratic tactics’.

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