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Kashmiris oppose Pakistan’s Northern Areas package

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Kashmiri politicians opposed a Pakistani plan on Monday they say is aimed at integrating the strategic but disputed Northern Areas into Pakistan, arguing it will undermine their case for independence from India.

The Northern Areas of Gilgit and Baltistan were bundled in with Kashmir and demarcated as disputed territory under U.N. resolutions passed after Pakistan and India fought the first of their three wars in 1948.

Bordering China on one side and the mainly Buddhist Indian region of Ladakh on the other, Pakistan’s sparsely populated Northern Areas are known to mountaineers as the home of many of the world’s highest peaks.

The areas have also been renamed as Gilgit-Baltistan. Courtesy REUTERS

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  1. yeah tou wahi baat huy naa ke “hum tou dubayn hayn sanm tum ko bhi le dubayn gae”. These Kashimiri politicians and so called leaders of freedom movement have dome nothing for theri own people. Instead they have harmed their own cause by taking inadequate measures. Now they are trying to be the champions of Gilgit Baltistan. Please save us your sympathies we do not need your help as you are helpless yourself.

  2. It’s a pity to see such cunning statementes of the Kashmiri leaders regarding Gilgit-Baltistan. Why do these guys meansure the issue with Kashmiri population? To what extent Kashmir is strategic and significant as comapared to GB? If the Kashmiris have their sentiments and political rights and will, then don’t the people of GB have their sentiments and political rights? What do the people of GB wish regarding their future? Why don’t these so-called Kashmiri leaders honor the sentiments of people of GB? The people of GB don’t claim that Kashmir is part of GB but why is it vice versa? Are the people of GB Qurbani jo bakro for the cause of Kashmir?

    If these Kashmiri leaders are right in their stance and claim on GB, why the political leaders of GB were not included/taken on board at different fora?

    The Kashmiri students have their qutas or seats/places in different educational institutions of Pakistan. And if they say GB is part of Kashmir (let’s accept it for a while), then why are our students not allowed to compete the merits on the Kashmiris quotas? When there comes such type of demand, as I myself have witnessed. being a student leader in the university, then these Kashmiri leaders are reluctant and say no the seats are purely for the Kashmiris.

    I would therefore advise the Kashmiri leaders to stop such unjust claims over GB because,it has its own identities: political, historical, geographical and ethno-linguistic.

    It is being condemned that the GOP, instead of talking to the leadersof GB, is holding negotiations on the issue of GB with the Kashmiri leaders. It is a shame,indeed. It is our right, our will and our decision that which direction to take, and not the Kashmiris or the Government of Pakistan to dictate the peoples and leaders of region.

  3. The leaders of Kashmir or whoever have no right to object any development in GB nor government of Pakistan is required to seek their consent in this regard. The people of GB will reject such action. If the government is interested in taking the consent of the people, it should be the people of GB. There is grievance even after this package and those should be removed with the consent of the people. The issue of additional seats must be resolved and the local leadership alike Nazir Sabir should pay their role. Last night a TV discussion with the PPP leaders from Baltistan was very disappointing. All of them were lacking knowledge about the area and its history and even have not gone through the package. They were only thanking the government instead of realizing that this is their due right. None of the leaders have courage to have some further demands.

    This is again a lesson for all of us to support leaders with great commend over history, politics and world affairs

  4. It,s one of Kasmir Govt.,s / leaders,s cunning policies where they are looking into the greater kasmir configuration including GB. While historically, there is nothing common including traditions, cultures, and geographically between these two regions. GB, has its own identity and geographical jurisdiction.

  5. The so called leaders in jammu- Kashmir have no right to interfere in the affairs of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is the people of Gilgit-Baltistan who would decide whether they want to be part of Pakistan, India or Kashmir, in the same light as the people of Kashmir have been give the right of self determination by the UN.
    Isn’t this hypocricy that the leaders of Kashmir want the right to self determination for themselves but are deyning it for the the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

  6. there is no right of kashmiris to interfere in any political decision regarding gilgit baltistian because gilgit baltistan have had own geographical teerritory and even had differnt norms and government should not urge kashmitries in what etever decidsion govern is tacking in favour of GB……

  7. First of all we are not Kashmiris and we’d not like to be with the at any cost. Before opposing kashmiris we have to know about the reality, wot was happned in 13th Aug 1947 in UNO’s General Assembly, wot tha Resolution say’s, we have to go through some historical contexts and events. Kashmiris claim over G-B is of No Leagal, social and lawful importance. Dear bros anbd sis’s, Kashmiris will not be able to snatch our rights, they can’t beat us in any field, their allege is totally fake. Now then, what would be the future of G-B, The Future of G-B will be decided by it’s very own citizens, it’ll be decided by the Baloristani Nation, it’ll be decided by U, it’ll be decided by me BuT not a pathan, panjabi, baloschi or sindhi at any cost.
    The UNCIP in 13th Aug 1947 and 5th Jan 1948 has clearly said, tat there will be seperate, full-fledged, independnt and sovereign state in G-B. According to the charter, there will be threee independent governamnts in da State o Jamu and Kashmir, First da Jamuu, second will be Kashmir(Azad Kashmir, and their cureent set-up is given by UN not Pakistan) and the Thrd One in Gilgit-Baltistan. the first two governaments will be administrated by India or Pakistan But the Govt in G-B will be out of their jurisdiction, Pakistan was directed to withdraw not only her army but he Cicil Administration and the pakistani nationals. So any package or bonus which misleads our nation and is not based on UNCIP’s charter and historical context is REJECTED by G-B’s nation.
    I request my well aware youth to not to indulge or give importace ot such arguements, coz, somone wants us to be remain in dark by creating new brawls.

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