[caged] Karachi burning!!

From inside the cage
From inside the cage [Photo by Noor]

Karachi seems to have turned into a cage. Uncertainity plagues the society, as the ‘unknown’ kill tens of poor human beings .

Caution: stay indoors, while darkness rages outside!!

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  1. Take care of your selves there and minimize your out door activities as much as possible.

  2. Nice occasion for those who not come home at proper time or who not like his lives good chance for given chance to others kill me

  3. As the law in order condition is not satisfactory here in Karachi I therefore strongly suggest the youngster to avoid the unnecessary gathering particularly in the Chaiwala’s hotels in late night. I hope the youngster will follow the announcement made in the JK.

    Didar Karim (Baig)
    Garden East Karachi

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