Rumours spreading in Gojal Valley about blockade of the spillway of dammed Hunza River

PT Report

Gulmit, January 9: Severe anxiety seems to have returned to the calamity hit Gojal Valley as a result of blockade of the spillway by Frontier Works Organization (FWO).

“The water level has been rising during the past ten days because the spillway has been blocked”, a caller from Gulmit told Pamir Times on phone. “Some say that the spillway will remain blocked till May 2011 while others say other things”, he further said.

The district administration has failed to properly communicate the work-plan of FWO to the local people, helping rumour mongers to torment the people.

“My house is located a few feet above the previous level of the lake”, a woman said on phone from Gulmit. “The government must tell us in advance if we have to vacate the house”, she said.

The district administration and FWO need to openly communicate their plans with respect to deepening and expansion of the spillway. This will help the local people to prepare in advance for the hard times.

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  1. Local administration should inform the people of the area and local CBOs ,NGOs about the work plan otherwise rumors will spread and people will not cooperate.I fail to understand why the government is not open in communication.

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