Gilgit - Baltistan

Snow in Gulmit – Gojal

A view of the Ismaili Jamat Khan at Gulmit - Gojal

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Thanks Zulfi for the CCOOOOOOOOOOLLL pictures of Gulmit in Snow

    It is always a lovely sight, the quite and calmness can be felt when it does snow. The only sound that comes is the flowing water crushing against the icy edges of the water channels, streams and rivers. I love the when it is snowing but hate when it is clear sky afterwards with a dissecting breeze that kills.

    For those who have to travel in these conditions, it is scary as there are chances of getting stuck as roads may get closed, slippery and dangerous. So I wish and pray that every one is safe and healthy.

    Take care


  2. snowfall in all the areas of gojal not only in gulmit, so better to highlight all the areas of gojal. extreme of favoratism.

  3. Come on….Young man, Pamir Time is a private initiative, run by professionals voluntarily, without any commercial or self projection motives.

    It is quite natural for me to comment on the photographs of Gulmit because I hail from this great village which happens to be the largest village and tehsil headquarters. This does not mean negative. By nature, I am a nature lover and being a busy man with my job, social and jamaati activities, i do not find enough time to visit this site but I try to contribute as much as i can.

    I hope if you send in your photographs of any village of Gojal, It will find its place on the site. It is my humble advise being an elder to be positive, it will benefit you for the rest of your career and life.

    If you think PT is focusing Gulmit because it is run by young professional of Gulmit, do criticize positively and if you see other way around, world wide web does not restrict you to have your own site and do more good things then PT.

    But please do not discourage volunteerism by leveling baseless allegations rather come up with more and more valuable and quality contents to make this a pride for Wakhi people.


    1. @ sher.
      freedom of expressing ideas. and i think i am dam right beacuse the picture should be named as snowfall in gojal valley instead of writing it as snowfall in gulmit and as for as the topic of gulmit is concern i agree that it is a big village with a thick population but there are many other villages of gojal which can play a benificial role in developing PT. i must give u examples.

      chipursan and shimshal are the best for their beautiful and attractive nature.
      Sost, well known village for international trade,
      khyber, well known in the sector of wildlife.

      and there are many important topics which PT has missed to highlight them and i have mentioned them before, i dont know whats the matter behind these all but the point which i mentioned above truely indicates the hidden matter.

  4. Dear Sartaj

    I am glad that you came up with this critique of Pamir Times. I agree with you that there is bais in each one of us. For instance, you didn’t mention Shishkat, Passu, Misgar, Avgarch, Khudabad, Ghulkin, Hussaini, Borith and Moorkhoon, Jamal Abad, Sarteez and other beautiful villages of Gojal, while trying to make a point. You mentioned Chipursan because i think you hail from that beautiful valley. And certainly you didn’t even bother to mention other villages of Hunza – Nagar, Gilgit, Ghangche, Ghizar, Astore and Skardu!!

    For your kind information we have published photographs and information about different villages of other districts as well. Again, our readers can testify my claim.

    Believe me my dear brother that there’s no hidden agenda or “matter”, to quote your word.

    I think life is simple and you don’t need to frustrate yourself by bringing in complexities, unnecessarily.

    The photographs that have infuriated you were taken in Gulmit, which is very much a part of Gojal – rather the capital of Gojal valley, while Zulfiqar was coming to Aliabad for duty, during the morning. And there’s nothing wrong in saying that the photographs were taken in Gulmit – Gojal !! We did mention Gojal, didn’t we? Isn’t that self explanatory? If I had photographs of other villages of Gojal valley, I would certainly have written their names as well. I invite you to please, kindly, search this website to find information about other villages of Gojal valley. No informaiton about any other village has ever been censored or not promoted. Our readers can testify that.

    The role that Pamir Times played during the Sost Port Crisis is a history in itself. Similarly, we have disseminated a lot of information about Shimshal and Chipursan and you can certainly check the archives section of this website, if you want an evidence.

    You need to realize and understand that we are very much dependent on the content that is sent to us by our voluntary reporters. If you have some information to share with us, please, please, please, do so. We have been requesting concerned sisters and brothers, like your good self, to send us material. Those who have shared material with us know that we publish them, with value addition.

    It is easier to blame others but very difficult to take responsibility and be part of the process. It takes time, energy and resources.

    Let me appreciate you for writing these comments with your real name. It reveals your honesty and integrity.

    I invite you to please join Team Pamir Times, to make it even more inclusive.

    Chief Editor

  5. Decency was once the pride of wakhik people which is now disappearing from our society as we are advancing in secular education and legging behind in morality and respect to elders.

    It is indeed a matter of highest concern for me as whether the new parents have not been transferring our values and moralities or it is the blessing of the modern education system that our youth are refusing to take those values and ethics which were our pride.

    I can only pray that May Allah guide us through the difficult times and prevent us from the evils of the modern ages.

    Criticism should not always be for the sake of criticism.


  6. sartaj.
    Would u please elaborate few hidden expected agenda behind the picture and long long discussion with pamirs.We the elders always promote the young writers at forums but today i was so surprised to see the level of discussion,and the confrontation.please be calm and cool like the snow at gojal not gulmit.

  7. Dear All,:)
    Well, i would like to say that nothing in this wrold is an immiculate except Almighty Allah. We can’t say that this thing is better than that. Allah has created everything equal. No one is more proficient in His sight. However, according to these pictures, i would say that not only Gulmit is the gorgeous place, but the entire Hunza is the most valuable and natural place which is full of natural beauty, and it seems like a Palace of a king which is made up of gold, silver, and diamond.

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