DevelopmentGilgit - Baltistan is completing its 2 years of online service is completing its 2 years of voluntary online service.  The network started its function with a website and is now recognized as a pioneer in online journalism in Northern Mountain regions. Pamir Times magazine and daily news is now successful to attract a large number of audiences from all over the Northern Areas.

The main objective of this forum was to provide a centralized Knowledge Management and Networking plateform to the people of different villages of Gojal in order to discourage fragmented efforts and encourage a sense of belongingness with each others. 

During this period we received a large number of feedbacks from our regular readers and visitors.  Now in this stage we want to increase the scope, improve the services and strengthen the network based on our 2 years of experiences.

We need valuable critics and feedbacks from all honorable audiences, contributors and well wishers in order to strengthen this voluntary venture.  

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  1. is playing a central role in bringing people together in sharing experiences on a wide range of themes. This is an innovative initiative and is in the center of Knowledge Management and Networking in the region. There is also a need for the educated women to actively participate in this network.

  2. thanks to for bringing us so close together from all around the world. I hope and am sure that it will keep continuing with the same zeal and zest in the future ahead.

  3. Gojal net congratulations for pioneering online journalism in the Northern areas and successful completion of two years of journey.
    It is one of the best forums for all its viewers to share, discuss, debate on a wide array of issues from across the region. Furthermore, it keeps us updated about the current affairs in entire North and Gojal in particular.
    Efforts of the site’s team are commendable. Congratulations once again.

  4. I am anxious to see an addition, a section for wakhi poets and writers… to share their creativity in wakhi language….

  5. Well done! the members of
    I would specially congretulate Mr Zulfiqar Ali Khan and Noor Muhammad for their efforts in minimizing the communication gaps among the youth who are scattered through out the world from U.S.A To Europe and from U.A.E TO Wakhan.
    I have no words to express the real feelings and thoughts that have been provoked by the splendid and magnificient work initaited for a good cause.
    I hope that if the same zeal and enthusiasm persists,would result in something exceptional and extraordinary.
    You guys have the true essense of petriotism and love for the soil which is really fertile and productive. The true example of this fact is all those of you who have really been eager to impart their contributions and services for the development and prosperity of the piece of land.This piece of land is no doubt a heaven on earth with the add of its inhabitants.The true identification of a place and its importance is majorly because of the inhabitants dwelling in it and reflecting its beauty through their attitude,through their contributions,through their good deeds.Moreover through their volunteer services, which our beloved Imam also emphasizes from time to time through his farameen.
    I pray for all of you and for the services you are rendering to the region.May MHI bestow you with all that you are dreaming/wishing(Ameen).
    Wish you all the best
    Aslam Ghalib

  6. Dear Founders, Volunteers and members of,

    Prosperity is the tradition of our Qoum and our religion.
    I would specially congratulate the volunteers, members and to the founders;Zulfiqar and Noor Muhammad in particular on their tremendous efforts for introducing and to make its services very strategic and success for all of us. They really minimized the communication gap for the people of gojal globally. Their special efforts to the youth who are in scattered all over the world, from West to East and North to South of the world.

    Our grateful prayers for their successes in their individual life as well for their services in group for our “Khik Qoum” on their best initiation for the cause of development and recognition of well- educated community(Qoum).

    I hope their best efforts will persist some new and very exceptional changes in the future as well.We are proud of you, the founders of that you have the essence of true love for the development of our culture and Gojal. A great SALUTE to you and your volunteer services, contributions and good will for the development of that part of HEAVEN(Gojal).

    Congratulations once again and Good Luck with a Good Will for your future efforts.

    Shamim Ali

  7. A highly dedicated effort by a person, who has a will,determmined & above all curious to do some thing exta ordinary for his genration.Well done keep on doing well.

  8. AADAB ! zulfii and noor
    thanks for your uncountable efforts which you use for our betterment and i hope you gys will doing best for our youth and society and our region and i pray for ur sucess.This time i feel that no one of our professionals done this type of job for our youth.You both are student n ur efforts wahhh kia bath hai .ALLAH AP LOGUN KOO HIMAT DA,


    I am using this site for last 4 months and am cinsidering my self unlucky that I remained unawared of such a plateform for one and a half year.
    hope that it will attract more and more people by the passage of time like a snow ball and will do some thing graet which we are deraming about .

  10. congratulations to the founders of on successful completion of year 2. Pamir times is keeping all of us connected with our areas with latest news and events. I was just wondering if it is possible to start sort of e-mail services ? we may have then our addesses at instead of yahoo, msn or many others.


    Aziz at Mansehra

  11. Dear Members of Gojal.Net

    Arrow goes forward only after pulling in to back ward.
    Bullets goes forward only after pressing the trigger backward
    Every human being will get happy only after facing the difficulties in their life path…
    So do not afraid to face your difficulties.
    They will push you forward
    No doubt you gyz have done a splendid job through your highly dedicated efforts to strengthen the unity of all the gojalis all around the world

    Well Done and keep up the good work


    Piyar Ali

  12. where we are in the globe, online sevice is with us, and always update us from all aspects of the region and always daynamic people around this link share thier views. thanks to all of you in this regard. Ali Khi

  13. To the team at – well done! As a Wakhi far from home, it is great to get news and stories from this site. Often the news is really prompt & up-to-date. You are always working hard to keep us informed with the news & culture in our area. It helps me keep in touch & feel not so far away & isolated.

    I am requesting the youth of XIKMURDUM to come forward & join the team of That way we could include news from Wakhi China; Afghanistan & Tajikistan to make it a

    Best wishes & congratulations on your 2 years of work!
    Ghulam Ahmed (Passu / Australia)

  14. there is a will there is way . in the innitional stage obvious u people have faced alot of difficulties but sincirity determination nd strong will atlast worked .its a great way to intact the people who’s living in different cities nd also in different part of the world to prvide them information about the new devlopments ,social actvities, pollitical issue. also thanks for providing equal opportunities for every one to share therie ideas i ll always apriciate ur stunning nd remarkalbe efforts .
    God bless u.

  15. gongrats to and its whole team for their endavours.
    and thank you very much for keeping us connected and updated

  16. Pamir Times is no dobut a trend setter and a timely call to address the needs of jouranlism in this age of information and communication. PT is doing a perfect job and I must say that the sky is limit for you.


  17. Congratulations for completing two years with success and many thanks to for bringing all of us togather in a plate form where we can share and comment on every event from all around the world…….. cleberate it guys and keep it up.


  18. It is wonderful to go through the Pamir times some times which provides to us some times good glimpses of happenings in our part of the world.

    Some of the above comments are selfcongratulating, do we need to think beyond what we have done and learn from our mistakes. Before claiming any achivement we need to be realistic, we shold not be making false claims otherwise people will make fun of us and we will be taken a non serious punch of idiots. Please those who are not aware of the fact that we are not only the first online newspaper in the area, there are others such as K-2.

    all the best for furture of this initiative.


  19. i admire all of the pamir team,infact they are strenthening the bridge among the communities.good luck for u n v hope same as in the future. at last i agree with Mr.Sultan n Tania

  20. Congratulation to the team of
    the network has provided us an opportunitiy to share our idea and comments on different themes,
    we hope to see it flourishing with more new colours in future,

    best wishes with you

  21. I would say it was a great online journalism initiative. News dissemination from Gojal remained pretty good. But It requires coverage of news from other districts of NA specifically Diamer, Ghazir and Baltistan.
    Individuals specifically interns and students could be encouraged to undertake case studies present it on Even during summer breaks students in groups can carry- out research or case studies and share it. Some of the thematic area may include community development initiatives, indigenous farming practices and evolving trends, pastures/ livestock management, tourism trends and impacts.
    conservation, village banking, housing patterns and disaster risks could be other options.There could be many more interesting themes!!!!!!

    I presume that will grow both horizontally and vertically in its size and scale.
    Best wishes

  22. congrats for completing 1 year of service n providing da latest updates from all over northern areas,gr8 contributions from all the volunteers, thnx.

  23. i would like to congratulate all the team members of gojal .net for keeping us all updated with news and events.
    keeep it up
    best wishes for future


  24. Dear Gojal net and Team

    Asalam O Alaikum!,

    Please accept my warmest congratulations on your sucessful completion of two year net service.
    I would like to inform you that being the particpant of your regular net service and the news.i am trying to be abit straight,i would like to tell you that your services is not upto standard.
    Its nice seeing all the local activites, but rather seems to be only one sided thing???
    Suppose you need to be more of global Team, such as if you can kindly include the area around, naming the wakhi and other neigbours around us, so we can atleast look into broader expects of life, such as Tajikstan, China,Nepal and suurounding areas where we almost share the same life styles in our areas and we do have almost the same problems, where as we can talk more about.small other things and can find more of solutions, such as Muncipality we dont have in our towns proper munciplity works need to be done for the sost border where as tomorrow we can not diffrentiate with sost and Pirwadahi,Polution is more of causing problems to the enviroment,check and balance is must to be done in our areas other wise daily life items from the gorceries is of very low standards in all over gilgit , hunza baltisan please talk more on these subjects where as its harming our local populations, We request your team to bring more of the women in your team as there is many women who are highly educated and they can bring alot of change to our civil society.
    Thirdly we are living in knowledge society.and now we live in a global village,Please Think broader and widen your knowledge and your thoughts,Do not stick to one place such as holding one gojal net , please the world has changed now we live in the 21st century.I would appreciated your efforts if you can be more broad minded,
    With lots of thanks and do take care about
    Advance Eid Mubarakki to all the team and to the folks of the northern Pakistan , you still have a long way to go ahead,God Bless you All.

    Naheeda Ali (Islambad)

  25. i cant express my feelings in word ,its such a good endeavour from you xik youth for xikmurdum so keep it up.
    thankx aamir

  26. First of all i would like to congratulate the initiative taken in the begining secondly to the team members who are all working very effectively to the wakhi speaker l in particuler and to the people of north in general. How ever i will suggest you all to provide us true infromation regarding political economical educational and social development. becz pamir time is the only source of information for those people who are living at distance.



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