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Gojal: Speaker triggers controversy over doctor’s salary during condolence visit

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Gilgit, August 27: Speaker Wazir Baig triggered a controversy during his visit by claiming that Dr. Khadija, a lady doctor serving the region selfless for several months, was drawing a salary of rupees 100,000 per month from the government also.

Dr. Khadija rubbished the claim by confronting the Speaker. She said that she is employed temporarily by the Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan and she does not draw any salary from the government.

On insistence of the newsmen present at the moment about source of the information, the Speaker said that the information about payment of 100,000 rupees to the lady-doctor was shared with him by the director of Health department during a briefing. He said that the same claim was made by GB Health Secretary during a briefing.

The local people have demanded an investigation into the matter. Many have expressed fear that some official of the health department might be fraudulently drawing the salary in Dr. Khadija’s name, without her information.

The Speaker later apologized from Dr. Khadjia and said that the matter will be investigated.

The local people have appealed to the GB Chief Court, Public Accounts Committee and Health Minister to take notice of the situation and stop the salary if it is being withdrawn in the name of MO Gulmit Hospital, because there is no Medical Officer in Gojal for the last three years.

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  1. A typical politician of Pakistan Mr.Wazir Baig and others visited the Gojal area for condolence a preparation for next election.The people of the region this time will vote for developments . 4 years already passed but the incompetent politician were unable to appoint a single medical officer for the disconnected region. Minister Qamar Zaman kaira promised in his visit to establish tehsil headquarter hospital in Gulmit ,but proved to be a promise of politician.


    I am confident that many of us were waiting for this day that WHEN the government officials visit the area and WHAT do they bring for us? Here you go a perfect gift for the perfect situation: Blame Game, silence on the appointment of Medical officer, and a hollow commitment to open dispensary in Kamaris.

    I am sure that we have got answers to our questions and now it’s time for us to act with dignity and pride. Religious institutions and AKDN can play a vital role in this situation.

    My first suggestion would be to make the drivers realize that no matter what they don’t have any right to take people’s lives in their hands. If they have chosen to drink then they must avoid driving. It is an international law and there are very harsh penalties for people who don’t follow it. On the contrary, it is essential to educate the public to avoid transports who’s drivers are known for Drinking and Driving.

    Secondly, in a situation where our Headquarter Hospital seems to lack in staff, equipment, and even very minor necessities it is very important to focus on FIRST AID. I understand that FOCUS is playing a vital role in preparing people for disasters and I am confident that they can be the best support to provide FIRST AID TRAINING to the local people so that they are prepared for the (God Forbid) future incidents. Here I would also like to mention that Dr. Khadija with her medical staff can play an important role too.

    Thirdly, Since our road has transformed into a lake and traveling has become a huge issue it must be made compulsory for every vehicle to carry a FIRST AID KIT.

    Last but not the least, after this unavoidable incident/accident if we fail to bring a Medical Officer to the Headquater Hospital and equip the hospital with all the necessities I would doubt our nation to be a ZINDA QOUM.

    So people this is the time to act and prove to the rest of the world that we are educated enough to help ourselves. So please come together and do something to save the nation and the people.

    God Bless

  3. I am agree with Farah’s suggestion regarding those drivers who drinks and don,t care for the life of innocent people. There must be impose actions regrading those who are involved especially drivers.

  4. Dear Farah, thank you very much. You have highlighted few genuine things form the situation. Since, unfortunately we live in a country, where human life and emotions have no value. Whether you live in the South or north, country is the same, Govt machinery is the same, political slogans are the same, situations are same so, why to trust these people. Learning a lesson from the aftermath situation of 4th Jan 2010, we would have been prepared for such critical situations. But unfortunately, the accident shows that we are not a resilient community to cope with such challenges.
    As far we live in the mountains, we would face the climactic risks much related to broken bones, injuries, road accidents etc. We don’t have any options of an easy rescue. The only reliable & viable option is community based Search & Rescue Teams. These teams must be fully trained to administer the First & second aid in such critical situations. SERT village teams must always be ready for crisis management in the peace or hard times. FOCUS is the right organization which has the right skills developing the capacity of the communities on such conditions. The medical trainings can be requested to RED CRESENT PAKISTAN.
    Risk is defined as the potential to lose or gain something of value. While driving in the mountains, a driver must always be very careful about overall traffic rules, the changing weather conditions & hazards, maintenance of his vehicle and most important his attitude and sense of responsibility & care for himself and the ones who are accompanied with him. If he drives safely he would bring passengers safely to the destination, otherwise, he brings disaster in the form of death, broken bones, emotional stress etc. I think, we need to educate our people that, they must socially and religiously condemn and discourage the driving in the drunken conditions. As far as we would be taking these things lightly, our people would be losing their lives like the one we faced.
    Fortunately or unfortunately now we have this Attaabbad Lake. I am afraid; it also has the potential risk for all those who are bound to use the boat. Since forming this lake, I have never seen any passenger in the boat wearing a life jacket. God forbid, if a boat sinks again we would cry. I think it right time to act. The boat owners that must ensure life jackets on the boat.

  5. I fully agree with Wazir Sahib that the provincial government is inefficient and not capable to cope with terrorism and sectarianism… My humble question to Wazir Sahib is that than why he is still part of this failed government and why he is not saying good bye.. To us this is just fooling around..Wazir Sahib where is the judicial report that was promised to make public what justice was provided to IDPs and bereaved family of the Saheed father and son… and what a irrational thing to say that NGOs failed to provide medical facilities to victims of the accident.. Instead of feeling shamed for being the part of NGOs he should resign from the present post and save his face and political career… I think AKDN intuitions groomed Mr. Baig to come up to present level….

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