11 of the detained Hunzais released by police

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Gilgit, August 27: Police in Gilgit have released 11 people out of the 22 arrested due to lack of evidence. The police had arrested these people for allegedly being involved in the riots that erupted in the valley after heinous murder of two IDPs of Attabad by the Hunza Police.

Those who have been released include Afsar Jan, Mashgul, Karim Baig, Fida Ali, Karim Khan, Ghulam Tair, Sultan Madad and Sultan Ali, among others.

An almost equal number of people have been remanded for further investigation till September 5.

The Aman Committee has expressed hope that the other people would also be released soon.

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One Comment

  1. hy,

    be shak ye ek acha aqdaam hay but in logoang ne ek azam ki khatir yakjehti kaa izhaar kia hay, kion police ne in pe FIRE kia?apney maqsad ki khatir mutaaliba kia,bajaye ke mutalibaat manti hukumat, in ghreebh awam per GOLIAAN barsayen….kahan ka insaaf hay,hum mutaaliba karet hain ke sabh loagong ko azad karen or as soon as possible mutalibaat maan leng,…..jay Hunzaies……..

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