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Baba Ghundi festival celebrated in Chipursan, Hunza


by Zulfiqar Ali Khan Photographs by Asghar Khan

HUNZA, Sept 28: The first-ever Baba Ghundi Festival was held in the Chipurson valley of upper Hunza on Sunday in connection with the World Tourism Day.

The main event was held in the Ispenj village of Chipurson, where traditional songs and games like polo, buz kashi and mindek received applauds from the spectators.

The event was organised by the Gilgit-Baltistan tourism department in collaboration with the Chipurson Local Support Organisation (CLSO), Aga Khan Rural Support Programme and the Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan.

DSC09081Brig Nadeemul Hassan Tirmizi, director general of Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts, presided over the event and Group Captain (retired) Shah Khan, a veteran of the liberation war of Gilgit-Baltistan, was the chief guest. Thousands of people from all over Gilgit-Baltistan participated in the event.

Speaking on the occasion, CLSO chairman Mohammad Ayub highlighted the strategic importance of the border between Chipurson and Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and stressed the need for opening the border for tourism and trade activities. He said restrictions on tourists to cross the border and lack of basic infrastructure in the Chipurson valley were the main hurdles in exploiting the potential of tourism in the valley.

He demanded that the government should establish a 10-bed hospital in the area having a medical officer and ambulance facilities.  He said local schools were without teachers and the valley lacked landline and mobile phone facilities. He also said the road from Chipurson to Baba Ghundi needed to be widened.

Baba Ghundi FestivalMr Tirmizi assured the community that their demands would be communicated to departments concerned and all support would be extended to solve their problems. He also appreciated the discipline and cultural diversity of the people living in the valley and invited two polo teams from Chipurson to participate in the coming polo tournament in Gilgit. He invited two Polo teams from Chipurson to participate the coming Polo tournament in Gilgit.

Shah Khan stressed the need for organising a festival in the area, inviting performers from all around the Pamir region.

DSC09327In the end, the delegations visited the tomb of the famous Saint Baba Ghundi and offered Fatiha. The local singers also presented Sufic songs. Sultan Ahmed, representative of the CLSO briefed the delegates about the famous saint Baba Ghundi.

Chipurson valley lies in the extreme Northwest in Gojal Upper Hunza region some 20 kilometres from Sost and 220 kilometers from Gilgit city. The valley consists of 9 villages having a population of more than 4000 individuals. The valley has a geo-strategic importance due to its borders with Wakhan Corridor of Northern Afghanistan and close proximity with Tajikistan. Special polo tournaments are arranged in every summer. Due to remoteness of the area people have less opportunity to access basic facilities and development initiatives.

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  1. The team of BA BA GHUNDI BABA and congrats to the people of Chipursan. First time heared such collective efforts between the YOUTH of chipursan. Worth to praise ans congratulations-SAAD AFREEN TO SULTAN & Team.

    Once again I request to the Youth of Chipursan to work cllectivly and this will pave a base other joint ventures as well. My sweet wishes are always with you and the indigenous people of Pamir Regions.

  2. Nice to see cultural activities and participation of all age. Congratulations to the organizer’s and wish them all the best for such sort of events in future as well… Cheerssssss

  3. Zabardast,

    This happiness remains in your whole life who participated and to the entire resident of Gojal valley.

  4. I am too happy that after years of gape this type of cultural show as organised in the velly.I am personally thankfull to all the volentiers who contribute their precious volenterly service and make success the program.but it to be noted that our group working should not be limited or only community level program or cultural shows.we should geather to achive their all soical rights.CLSO is the main plate form where we can discuss our all issues and problem and make their mind,voits for one and should pratically struggle for achivement..

  5. An incredible work done by the organisors to promote not only the Culture of the region but also to promote tourism in our valley (Chupurson) which was ignored so fat… these type of events must be organized to strengthen harmoney among the masses living in same locality and ofcourse the whole region.

    Wish u best ov luck all…



  6. Congratulation to chipurson local support organization and whole chipursonic for arranging a beutiful and success programe ( fastival) in chipursan gojal.


  7. Hi to all,
    thanx to all of u for ur comments and recognitions. and we are hoping for the best and best festival in Chipursan further. and it is our wish to strengthen CLSO as powerful organization.

    Manager CLSO

  8. i congratulate the LSO and community of Chipurson who held the programe organize with their good efforts,wishes in future more and more,
    good wishes
    zahid ali

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