Gilgit - Baltistan

Biking for peace


By Talib Shah & Faqeer Ullah


Mansehra, January 29 – Muzaffar Bhai Jan, 28, a member of Ismaili Boys Scouts Unit, Ghulkin – Gojal, is cycling his way to Islamabad, on what he calls “Bike for Peace” campaign. It is a historical journey because he, reportedly, is the first native of Gilgit – Baltistan to take this arduous and difficult task for a noble cause.

Muzzafar reached Abbotabad today, having left Gilgit city on 25th January, on his way to Islamabad. “Bike for Peace is an effort to let the world know that people of Gilgit – Baltistan and Pakistan are peaceful and friendly”, he said.  

It is pertinent to note here that Muzaffar is in the second phase of his ‘Bike for Peace” campaign, having completed the first phase earlier last year, traveling from Gojal to Gilgit, a distance of 145 kilometers.  

Large number of student migrants of Gilgit – Baltistan gathered in Mansehra to appreciate the cause and welcome Muzaffar. The Karakuram Students Organization is also expected to host a welcome party for the young biker.    

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  1. Dear Muzaffar,

    Congratulations for your unique peace initiative. I know you have tremendous potential which is now surfacing on regional and national level.
    I would say Thank you very much for keeping alive the innovative tradition of our scout group.
    Good Luck !!!!!!

  2. muzafar bahi mubarak hoo app ne bhada himat kiya hai yar……………i hope and pray for your sucessful ride.

  3. hi i m sakhi karim belonging from khyber gojal but i m settled in Canada really arise Muzafar khiran hard work…we r proud of u muzafar…keep it up …

  4. It is really encouraging that Muzafar bayee has started journey for peace and he is also insuring the world that the people of Northren Areas are always willing to keep peace in all beautiful montainious region and throgh this arduous task he is conveying message to all the people of North to remove their all differences, and obviously the same message for our country.
    Muzafar Bayee is a yong boy with courage a reknown comedy participated in different cultural shows held in Northren Areas and he is participating in the different development activities held in Ghulkin village.
    congratulation Muzafar baye on behalf of my family for taking such a difficult step for a noble cause.
    Ali Masud

  5. Muzzafar Bhai, i think it is not only a unique call for peace but a great sacrifice for peace, cycling in the frozen mighty Karakurum. how tough job you have done. we know how hard it is to travel in Bus in the month of December but you have cycled that which can be just an imagination for a common people.
    i wish you success in your objective and wish you a journey round the world.
    Aziz Ali
    NED Karachi

  6. It is a great job undertook by Muzaffar on behalf of Ismaili Scout, Goulkin. It is further encouraging that people of Gilgit-Baltistan have given him due regard and respect for his efforts to highlight a noble cause of peace and tranquility among the all residents of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is one of the most important factors for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to create unity and peace and leave behind darker aspects of violence.

    At a second step it would be highly productive if Ismaili scouts could arrange a series of events with all other communities of Gilgit-Baltistan, which could be named “Aman Games” (Games for peace). Sports and cultural activities have always played important role to bring closer people with divorce cultural, ethnic, religious and political backgrounds. Let’s try it in Gilgit-Baltistan for a good cause.

    My appreciation for Muzaffar for his brilliant initiatives.

  7. Muzaffar, Nobel services to make the dwellers of Karakorum (Zamistan) togather.
    Great idea and you’re the peace keeper.
    I would request to the NGOs working in the Karakorum should give peace award to this young peace keeper.

  8. Dear Muzaffar – Congratulations for your unique and hard initiative. This the way to prove our self we want to peace in our region and country. We youth should take these kind of initiatives.
    also Congratulation to ….. Scout Group
    Best of luck …… keep it up

    Salman Karim
    SCB Islamabad

  9. Dear Muzzafar,

    We appreciate your efforts and hard work, keep yourself moving on the path of innovative ideas and work, you have done a magnificent job.

    Congratulations to you and all the guys beyond you.


    Shah Zaman

  10. Dear Muzaffar Bhai,
    It is indeed a great mission you have embarked on and deserve many cheers and appreciations.
    It is a great mission encompassing many things for the expatriats, travellers and tourists about the peaceful environement which is prevailing in the region.
    Unfortunately the information delivered through media about the geographical location with reference to the political situation is on the contrary to the reality.
    We need such big intiatives to stop the miscommunication and wrong interpretation.
    Our area can generate huge revenue through tourism but the condition is if every member of the society pays his/her due role in calling a spade a spade.
    We have lost quite many things because of the uncertainities prevailing in Swat and WANA and have no geopolitical relationswith them as far as the geographical location is concerned.
    I appreciate Muzaffar Bhai for his bravery and determination towards the peace process and hope that it will pave a way towards many horizons for better prospects.
    All the very best
    Aslam Ghalib
    Lahore, Pakistan

  11. Mubarak ho Muzaffar bahi. this is really one of the toughest step which u have taken. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY succeed u in you noble mission.
    keep it up.

    amin salman

  12. congratulations mormor, i know you have always unique and different approach and thinking towards life, i am waiting for you.. ok
    do visit me

  13. Dear Muzaffar,
    In recent time our area is going through many difficulties and every where is unsafe environment to promote peace in the area and especially from the platform of Ismaili Scout Unit of Ghulkin, you have taken an unique initiative, which is need to be appreciate at every step.
    We wish you a safe and successful journey and our young generation should learn from such activities and follow you in spreading peace in the country and particularly in the region of Gilgit.
    Didar Karim Bari
    Rupani Foundation

  14. congratulation class fellow for ur unusual effort to bring peace through ur mission …….keep it up

  15. hi bro,
    i’m realY very happY,caz u have done a great job…!!
    i’m sure u will go forward with your mission,
    at last i pray for your bright future…!!!!!!!

    your brother,
    kamal udin karachi

  16. Great step and idea for peace and love,, really these sort of activities are required to show our area peaceful. Medea should give high importance and coverage for Muzzafar Bhai’s mission.
    Congratulations and bundle of appreciations to Muzzafar Bhaijan.

    Alamty Kazakhstan

  17. Hard, risky, but unique and nice way of expressing our concern about peace and stability in our region and homeland.

    Living in a country where peace and security has always been a big issue and until now is a big question mark; I really can see and feel what sort of changes both socially and economically can come to the life of the people when there is peace and harmony among the communities.

    I pray, the message of peace you bringing all along from the beautiful villages of the northern Pakistan to the rest of the country will be as beneficial/valuable as the great Indus river flows from the top of our gigantic mountains to fertile the barren land of the rest of the country.

    I salute for your unique initiative.

    Nauroze Shah
    Aga Khan Trust for Culture
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  18. Exeilent muzafar bai great job
    keep it up

    “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

  19. You have demonstrated your determination ! Extreamely impressive reflection of true scout’s mission!


  20. Unique idea, true spirit, full of passion, my dear Muzaffar Bahi Jan, you’ve done a great job, not easy to do so well done. keep the flag of scouting high.
    God bless you

  21. dude, you have done a great job man and have a nice and safe journey.

    sayed rahman

  22. ……….hey ISHQUU…amazin yar…

    ap ye bathayen ki ap ka demaq ma asi konsi bath ayee ki ap ko ya kam karna para..tafseelan bathayeen….

    bombastic n majestic initiative man..


  23. nice intention. well done and keep loving peace. it is a noble cause. it really reminded me the quote that “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito”. it is really an encouraging initiative.
    well done
    and best of luck for ur future peace initiatives

  24. haaaaaaaay Hamsaya!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was looking 4 u in the winter vacations but not found you for a month at Gulkin!!!! then i came to know that u r on some mission!!!!!!! wel keep it up may be these days u r somewhere in Rawalpindi Pakistan. Prayers for u
    best wishes
    Nabi Ali
    M.C.S. M.B.A.
    Hunza Pakistan

  25. Youngmen with such exemplary deeds, indeed deserve to be called “Bhai Jan” – well-done Muzaffar; proud of you and pray for your success in your endeavours.

    Mutabiat, Islamabad

  26. “mai akila hi calatha janib manzil magar
    dost sath aatiy gayai or karwan banta giya”
    what a great country Muzaffar Bhai jan you have done geat job with clear mission and vision, we are alaways with you
    with many many congrats.
    Raishd WWF

  27. Haha excellent idea Muzafer this is called talent hunt and will promote peace in this uncertainity region.

  28. good job muzzafar bahi,
    congratulations for your travelling for peace but it could be better to be and show it practically from your words and actions in the area and village if you are a true peace maker

  29. muzafar bhi jan you have done a great job realy we are very happey congratulation to you.

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