G-B CM orders scrutiny of public records

GILGIT: The records of Public Works Department (PWD) were seized and scrutinised on the orders of Chief Minister Mehdi Shah for corruption and have no mention of contracts given out after July 2010, sources revealed on Saturday.

The source said that the record seized before July was being scrutinised to ascertain if the charges were true.

Just recently, dozens of government contractors took to the streets for two days to protest against corruption in the department, demanding inquiry into their affairs.

“After floods of corruption charges, mostly levelled by the contractors in Gilgit recently, Shah ordered a scrutiny of the records of PWD, including water and power, water and sanitation agency and B&R,” they said, adding that the record was then confiscated for inquiry. Sources further said that in the meantime [July onwards], tenders worth billions of rupees have been awarded, but added that records of the tenders could not be found within the available files. “Those found guilty would be brought to book,” they said.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 7th, 2010.


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  1. Dear PT

    A good news indeed!!!!!! Though I have serious doubts with respect to the real intentions. PWD and W & P Deptt are are replete with shameless corruption at biblical scales. Usually, as a standard pratice in public sector contracting, rules are carefully diliniated to ward off illicit collusion among officials and contractors but in the land of pure in general and GB administration in particular, the same rules are molded to qualify , un-qualified contractors and dis-qualify any potentialy qualified contractor. As a result, the whole of the GB people have become parasites to government money and NGO’s money. U cant show me a single contractor (or for that matter any other enterprenuer that can be regarded as a credible EPC contractor. The subject departments have become bottomless sacks = no matter how much money is poured into, it will leak down into drain. very disgusting, pathetic really

    You are requested to follow up the matter actively.
    Please explore further as to who are the investigating personalities, their qualification etc. Such cases can only be investigated by qualified PM professionals.

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