Pak – China border opened at Sost

Satellite image of the Sost Dry Port

PT Report

Sost, April 4: The Pakistan – China border has been opened for trade and traffic through the Khunjerav Pass. A group of traders has reached Sost for traveling to China. The border remained closed for 5 months due to heavy snowfall at the Khunjrav Pass. The border was opened once for importing essential food items and fertilizers for the stranded people of Gojal valley.

Opening of the border is likely to partially finish the isolation of Gojal Valley as goods from China would be able to fulfill consumer needs to some extent. Some circles are of the opinion that due to high prices majority of the local population would not be able to benefit from the Chinese food imports.

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  1. opening of boarder is a plus point but in such harsh condition gojali need assistance to meet their basic necessities.our neighbouring country should provide assistance to the most effected people rather than selling at higher prices.

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