Chinese team preparing report on KKH repair

By: Javaid-ur-rahman | Published: March 30, 2011

ISLAMABAD – After thoroughly examining the submerged road at Karakoram Highway (KKH), Chinese experts team is making comprehensive report for possible option of repairing the road site, which is most likely to be presented to Pakistan authorities in three weeks.

“A detailed report for possible option of repair will be given to the concerned ministry in less than one month,” well-placed communication ministry sources told The Nation.

A couple of days before Chinese technical experts along with Pakistani engineers have conducted a detailed survey of the area to make a report in this regard.
When contacted, Minister for Communication Dr Arbab Alamgir said that Chinese team had briefed him about the possible option for retrieving the submerged road at KKH.

“Chinese team have met him after conducting detailed survey of the area,” the minister said, adding, “Our experts will examine their compiled study before applying it on the submerged part.”

To a question about loss in terms of trade between Pakistan and China, Dr Arbab admitted that the blockage of road had caused a loss of million of rupees. In this regards, the communication ministry has already discussed two options worth $600 million and $270 million for retrieving the submerged road at KKH due to Attabad Lake.

Considering it multimillion rupees loss due to prolonged blockage, economic experts have asked for prompt action to save national kitty from further losses.
It is relevant to mention here that Prime Minister Gilani has also asked repairing of submerged part of KKH but owing to non-availability of funds the idea has not be materialised yet.

The lake which was created on the 4th January 2010 near Attabad village in Hunza Valley due to a massive landslide blocking Hunza River submerged 2-3 km of KKH and caused considerable damage to life and property in the area. A portion of the Karakuram Highway went under the lake water near an orchard between Gulmit and Ghulkin. Over 20 kilometres of the KKH have so far been caused to submerge by the lake water, including a 250 meters long strategic bridge.

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  1. Talking about the millions of dollars of losses on account of trade to trades and the government in terms of customs duty and millions of rupees in other allied activities and services to the local business community, losses worth millions of rupees to the local population of Gojal as their agricultural products could not reach the market due to loss of access to the market, submerging of farmland and orchards and paying extra amount in terms of transportation costs coupled with the overall trend of high prices of petroleum and daily living cost items. It is for sure that those who are playing in the hands of hidden power who have so far been successful in keeping the Chinese blocked for the last 15 months, may have received their compensation in billions of dollars.

    If we examine the role of NDMA, FWO, KANA division, Government of Gilgit-Baltistan, one can clearly understand that they have always been trying to delay the issue and applying tactics that were clearly time passing and keeping the blockade in tact for a longer time.

    Who will ask the government, how much payments were made to the FWO for the last 15 months and what was the result. The Pakistani government is still trying its best to keep the Chinese away from resolving this issue.

    But I am sure they can not prolong it anymore as one day or the other the Chinese will call it a day and that will cost Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan heavily. It is need of the hour fort our government to be serious as China is your time tested friend and immediate neighbor while the force who is paying you dollars to keep Chinese away have no trust in you and nor the nation trust them, while they are thousands of miles away and already in strategic partnership with India against you and China.

    It is for you to decide wether you are with the nation or against the people of Pakistan.

    Pakistan Payinda Baad
    lost due to this blockade

  2. The chinese wished and they would have cleared every thing with in few months after the land slides but the Government under pressure of the USA and due to selfishness kept it on pending and delayed it so much, the Govt itself is not sure that what they are doing but what satisfies them is their pockets and the big bosses protection, this is not so simple, all these things going on are in eyes of many great powers.. and they are controlling it, the access of China to Indian ocean and from there to African countries and middle east countries is unbearable for the Whites.
    Even after this surveys and reports still there are very few chances of implementation, but lets become optimistic and say all will be well.. 🙂

  3. I agree with the comments of my frieds Mr. Jojon ?? and Mr. Abid Tashi. The very much unfirtunate thing in this disaster is that still no govt departement has owned the liability to pay money for the spillway work to discharge the artificial dam water. It is therefore the case of the payment to FWO is pending between Planing Commission of Pakistan, Flood Commision of Pakistan, WAPDA and NDMA. FWO is reluctant to deliver the remaining work to Chinese or any other executing agency as they fear of loss of its bill which is in billians. The Govt of Gilgit-Baltistan is silient at all as it is itself depandent on Federal Govt and untill it takes it serious i donot see any immidiate solution of the issue. As per the suffering of the 25000 population of Gojal is concern, the public has remained impartial from the very begining instead of struggling for thier right and it seems that after getting relief from China people are happy, resultantly the youth or any civil society activist raise the issus, face legal charges and FIR are being chalked against them. Untill the people of the area become politically aware and came out of all the differences and raise voice against the silience of the elected representatives and inactive role of the govt, the situation will take years and years and the consequences of this chain disaster will further change our minds and interests as we witnessed that how a small group influenced the public by converting the distaster into thier personal opportunity.

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