MLAs from Baltistan get most of the ministries

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Islamabad, April 27: Not contrary to expectations Syed Mehdi Shah, chief minister of Gilgit – Baltistan has given most of the ministries to his trusted comrades from Baltistan. while keeping the ministries of Information, Works and Interior affairs himself. Minstries of Law and Water & Power were given to Advocate Shakeel while senior minister Muhammad Jafar got the ministries of Food and Agriculture and Engineer. Ismail from Ghanche got the ministry of local governments.

Dr. Ali Madad Sher from Ghizar was made the minister for Education while Gulbar Khan from Diamir got the ministry of Health. Muhammad Ali Akhtar from Hunza – Nagar was made the finance minister.

Congratulating the newly appointed minister Wazir Baig, speaker of GBLA, has said that the ministers would hopefully work for resolving issues of the local people.

Meanwhile, the chief minister has said that expansion of the cabinet is also under consideration. After strong opposition and reaction from Razi ud Din Rizvi and Deedar Ali the chief minister has been forced to seek increase in the number of ministers in the cabinet. Departments of the advisors are yet to be determined.

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