Hunza Tragedy part of a planned conspiracy: Wazir Baig

Filing of anti-terrorism cases against 350 people is gross injustice

GBLA Speaker demands transfer of “biased district administration”

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Gilgit, September 12: Speaker of Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Wazir Baig, has said that the murder of two IDPs in Alibad was part of a well though and planned conspiracy, not a random incident. He made this statement while presiding the 16th session of GBLA which stated yesterday in Gilgit city.

The speaker also said that registering anti-terrorism cases against 350 people of Hunza Valley instead of nabbing the real culprits shows the biased attitude of Hunza – Nagar’s district administration. He demanded that the current district administration be transferred from Hunza – Nagar.

“I know the people of Hunza Valley very well and these violent acts are part of a conspiracy”, Wazir Baig said.

His stance was supported by MLA Mirza Hussain of Nagar Valley, who said that the government of GB is responsible for the murder of innocent IDPs in Hunza Valley. “The ministers had accepted in Aliabad that the incident happened due to negligence of the government”, Mirza said.

It is pertinent to note that the Hunza administration has been randomly arresting people who were subsequently released by the courts due to lack of evidence.

So far, nothing is known about the judicial inquiry that had been ordered into the indiscriminate firing by Hunza police that led to murder of 50 year old Sher Ullah Baig and his 22 year old son Sher Afzal in Aliabad, while they were protesting on arrival of CM Mehdi Shah.

PPP has suffered a major blow in Hunza Valley due to the incident as well as the subsequent mass arrest of tens of innocent people, acquitted by anti-terrorism court in Gilgit.

A group of Islamabad based residents of Hunza expressed shock over the ‘revelations’. They demanded of the Speaker GBLA to resign from his post and join the protesters in seeking justice for victims of the ‘planned conspiracy’, which has tarnished the image of Hunza Valley as a peaceful region.

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  1. “PPP has suffered a major blow in Hunza Valley due to the incident as well as the subsequent mass arrest of tens of innocent people, acquitted by anti-terrorism court in Gilgit”

    please dont bring political party’s scoring,

    nd now wazir Baig should do something more then to reveal the facts

    lets support the speedy justice of the independent judicial inquiry of the innocent killing.

  2. Wazir Baig should resign if these sympathies are real, PPP Govt is totally failed and country is going to downfall and no one knows what will happen with Pakistan. So I am requested to Speaker seb if he want to become real representative of Hunza Valley then he must resign and investigate the incident on personal capacity. Dont issue such press releases to show fraud actions.

  3. Since the tragic incident and ruthless attitude of distric administration of Hunza- Nagar the people believed in conspiracy theory and Mr.Amin Baig is credited for the in depth analysis.
    Now speaker of GB Mr.Wazir Baig is also thinking on the line of planned conspiracy to distort the image of Hunza valley.The people of the region has fundamental right to know the whole truth and as a representative of the valley Mr.Wazir Baig and Mr.Muthabiat Shah have constitutional and legal responsibility to expose the hidden agenda otherwise they have already lost the moral ground to represent the peace loving folks of Hunza-Gojal valley.

  4. If there was some conspiracy against Hunza. What step u taken????? R u Hunzktz???? R u patriot Hunzktz???? R u son of Hunza soil????

    After murder of a father, his son, his family and dignity of hunza u are saying it was a planned conspiracy.

    U should remember Hunzkutz are not fool to accept this slang political drama. …..[parts of comment removed]

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