More than one dozen shops robbed in Gilgit city in a single night

By Farman Karim Baig

Gilgit, October 16: Goods and cash worth millions of rupees have been looted from more than shop robberyone dozen shops in different parts of Gilgit bazar, last night. The robbers broke locks of the shops and took away merchandize, as well as cash. 

Owners of Sabir medicos and Hunza Fabrics told this reporter that they lost hundreds of thousands in cash and merchandise.

Shops located in Cinema Bazar, Itihad Chowk and some other parts of the city were targeted.

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  1. It can be on this line of thinking that ” the intrusion by MQM in GB could be a part of MQM,s compaign for evolving it as a National Level political party”,

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