Mehdi Shah accused of promoting nepotism and regionalism in Gilgit – Baltistan

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Gilgit, February 5: Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, Mehdi Shah, has been accused of using his executive powers to reward his near and dear ones.

The unjustified sacking of GB Education Secretary, Professor Mehboob Ali Khan, and the hurdles created by Mehdi Shah for promotion of Raja Nasir have raised serious questions about impartiality of Mehdi Shah.

It is pertinent to note that recently a close friend of the CM, Syed Hadi, was promoted from BPS – 18 to BPS – 19 and appointed Secretary Education of Gilgit – Baltistan. Another officer, Muhammad Ali Yogvi, was promoted and appointed Secretary Food and Agriculture.

It is pertinent to note that both Muhammad Ali Yogvi and Syed Hadi are from Baltistan region, and the later is believed to be a very close friend and relative of Mehdi Shah.

Professor Mehboob Ali Khan, who belongs to Hunza – Nagar, has been serving in Grade – 19 for more than 10 years and he has played in instrumental role in commission of the Karakuram International University and ICT centers in Gilgit – Baltistan. His sacking by the Chief Minister is being seen as an act of nepotism.

It is also to be noted that Raja Nasir, Director Education Baltistan Region, has not been promoted because the CM has, reportedly, refused to sign his promotion summary. Raja Nasir hails from Ghizar district.

Serious reservations are being raised about the credibility of Mehdi Shah to continue as Chief Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan. A group of legislators within the GBLA, including PPP legislators, are believed to be bracing for tabling a “no-confidence” motion against Mehdi Shah.

Yesterday’s ugly scenes of assaults and abuses are also believed to be part of the widening gap between the cabinet members and the chief minister.

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  1. The presumed prejudicial treatment of M/S Mehboob Ali and Raja Nasir reminds me that I have personally undergone such treatment during my service in the Planning and Development Department in Gilgit as Assistant Chief in the early 1990s. There is a small group of people from our Baltistan region who try to exploit and go ahead by using Balti card whenever they find some like minded person from Baltistan at the helm of affairs.

    In my case,it was wazir Farman who was Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and in those days,it was the joint Secretary who used to decide the death and life question for the people of Gilgit and Baltistan. Luckily,I was highly qualified and they couldn’t harm me except kept pending the regularisation of my service, which I finally got after 10 years of legal battle.

    Our CM unfortunately seems to have the same kind of mentality. We are thankful to PT to bring these excesses to the light. It is irony that in a supposedly democratic dispensation geographical prejudices are being practiced. We must nib the evil in the bud.

  2. one can expect this act from a person like medi shah who himself is not letrated so he thinks at that way i am worried abut the future of youngester of Gilgit area who are now under comand of this person, sham to Gilgit region members who are silent, i am sure Mohd Ali Akhter has rasied voice aganist this the reason he got abused by other one who also belong to Gilgit region, I am expecting that bidozing of Merit is on CM,s top list, i heard that all members belong to Baltistan has appointed many many employee without taking the merit on consideration. i am sure he is not doing any good job for PPP, in coming days if the situation reamins the same people of Gilgit area will hate PPP. that might be the contribution of CM to PPP.
    I must urge the other members to stand up and stop this criminal activity by the CM. should must write the president and priminster

  3. Still naive people of Gilgit-Baltistan and particularly from Ghizer and HN districts vote for PPP!I wonder why people are this much naif that they are being cajoled!

  4. Dr Sabit rahim sab.
    You are an educated person fro GB please write against the illegal act of CM but please don’t use the wards as Balti card,Sheen card or Brushaski card because all of us are respecting you .i am not able to understand that why our high educated peoples use these wards .Respectable sir these wards are poison for our region.This is the right time to leave from the discriminations of Shia ,Sunni,Ismaili, Nurbakshi,Sheen ,Yashkun,Brusho,Khawar,Wakhi etc.
    Sir if Mehdi shah violate the rules and regulation in the promotion case of Mehboob Ali sahib we all also condemned this action but please never ever try to see each and every thing with the eyes of religion and language
    Dr sab i think that you should think about my request. You done PHD and you are prideful son of our soil .

    With lot of warm wishes
    Abu Rubab

  5. This is black day for the region Gilgit..Mr Mahboob shb is honest person and he had controlled corrupt lobby in education department(Mr Khacho), who is superposing Mr CM in all elections but CM was not happy…If we remain silent balti lobby will usurp our rights…I appeal from each & every body to protest for Mr Mahboob shb, Ikram(ex-director food), Aker jan (ex-Chief Engr),Nasir shb & many more…
    CM is playing card of Baltistan & Pir shb remained silent…We pay tribute to Dr ali madad sher to threaten CM against appoint of corrupt Syed Hadi has Edu secy…Mr Hadi was suspended on corruption charges earliar but he is frm Baltistan and now head of edu dept….Come on this is the biggest war from Mehdi Shah with soft diplomacy….

  6. My dear Respected Abu Rubab,

    This may be your opinion but it is unfortunate that CM shb is providing oxygen to regionalism & things like that… No one has criticized Fida Nashad in this regard..Our CM is corrupt & more less person, this is bitter fact…Dr shb is every much right..If we dnt support Mr Mahboob Shb, than it will be educational murder for whole GB…

  7. Dear President All Pak. GB students
    Brother i am also supporting Mehboob sahib but a dis agree with the wards of Dr sabit rahim sab who is respectable for me. Brother we are against all violations of GB so called Govt.I am not any supporter of the so called CM but i am trying to say that we not usewards like balti Gilgiti cards . Dear i am deadly against all actions of CM but in my eyes the peoples GB are some for us.Brother Dr sab and you all have right to criticize Mehdi shah and his so called govt and writing the things about the violation of promotion laws.
    Abu Rubab

  8. it is enough…… it might be in your knowledge that Mr Cm has appointed his own nephew(who belongs to baltistan ) in place of Mr. Muhammad Ikram director civil supply who is young , honest and played a vital role in controlling corruption in this department and belongs to Hunza-Nagar , it clearly shows that CM is promoting nepotism…….. if it continues like this i am afraid the aftermath it bring will be of great revenge…

  9. First of all I would like to bring to kind notice of well educated people that GB is divided into two Divisions –the Baltistan Division and Gilgit Division. So plz Compare Baltistan Region with whole Gilgit Region , Dont compare Baltistan with Hunza ( a sub-division/tehsil).

    There are more than 14 Secretaries of whom just 2 or 3 are baltis.

    We are well educated, economically more strong,even our Baltis served in the top ranks of Pakistani establishment like AFZAL SHIGRI,G M SIKANDAR,WAZIR FARMAN etc……..Again for the kind information of so called/self proclaimed intellectuals ,…in 2009 elections PPP won 9 seats from Baltistan region and won only 5 seats from Gilgit region ( and only 1 seats from Hunza teshil) , so plz dont object on the Balti dominant present GB govt…….

    In the end If Mr.Mehdi Shah done anything wrong, critised him, but plz dont exploit balti/Shina/Shia/Sunni/Norbakhshi?Ismaili terms for gaining vested interest…….We hav already divided ,dont try to divide us on religious and regional lines,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Abu Rubab & Shuja

    I think both of you have misunderstood what Dr. Sabit Rahim said, he “talked” about an event when “a small group” from Baltistan used the “balti card”.

    There are people out there who may not use this “word”, and thus you might be satisfied with them because you do not hear them say it, but they use this “phenomenon”, don’t fight the word, fight the “phenomenon” it refers.

  11. i fully endorsed Ali Balti, he is right dont creat divisions in Balti and Gilgiti, shia or suni if Medi is uneducated at least we all are educated so plaease dont divid

  12. no one is giving air or creating regional or religious divisions here we all are of the view that Mr CM is accused of creating nepotism and it is a fact…. we are not against balti or any particular religious sect.

    it is our right to condemn what Mr. CM is doing.. he should act as CM of Gilgit-Baltistan not as CM of Baltista only…

  13. With reference to the comment by abu rubab on my use of divisive words,and subsequent comments by the President all pakistan GB Students, I would like to clarify the misconception created by my comments. I just narrated the ganging up against me by a small group of people from certain region for their own self interest some twenty years ago and found similarities with the injustices done to Prof Mehboob Ali and Raja Nasir because they hailed from the opposite region. It means that these prejudices were being repeated at official level in a democratic era. That is why I urged that we should eliminate this menace by supporting the case of the two gentleman; otherwise this cancerous growth will spread throughout our body politics and administration at large scale and at that time people will be openly talking about these cards whether some body mentions them or not.
    I am a liberal and secular minded person without any hangovers. I am against injustice wherever it happens. So,please don’t misunderstand me. As a citizen of GB, I should have a right to speak out at least against injustice as I am not in a position to remedy it.

  14. To
    Pamir Times
    I don’t see my rejoinder,which I wrote half an hour ago and forwarded to you. It was written in a very diplomatic language and polite way. At least,this was not expected from PT

  15. To
    Pamir Times
    Could you please let me know what was wrong with my rejoinder so that I will be careful in future.

  16. To
    Pamir Time
    Despite my repeated request, my rejoinder sent to you has not been included in the overall comments. Read what Shuja Balti has written. You have included this in the comments,while my request is not being entertained. Isn’t it discrimination and supression of information to please some people. If this continues, I will be compelled to stop participating in these discussions.

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