Pilot Rashid Hakeem Shaheed to be laid to rest in Gilgit today

PT Report

Islamabad, April 9: A “Mashaq” training plane of the Pakistan Army Aviation had an accident on Thursday near Peshawar,resulting in martyrdom of the pilot Captain Rashid Hakeem, a resident of Skarkoy locality of Gilgit city. The plane, reportedly, crashed due to bad weather. Hakeem will be laid to rest today after Jumma prayers in Gilgit.

The late pilot had his initial education from Tameer-e-Nau Public School and competed his intermediate (FSc) from Public School, Jutial before getting commission in Pakistan Army in 2003. After graduating from the military academy he joined the Army Aviation.

Rashid got engaged to his maternal cousin five months back. His father, Abdul Hakeem, is a retired engineer of the PWD.

The local people have termed this tragic death a great loss for the region.

Pamir Times offers heartiest condolence to family of the martyr and prayers for the departed soul.

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  1. A great loss.

    May! the soul rest in eternal peace and Allah bless the family members of Shaheed Rashid.

    SAP, Islamabad

  2. May God keep his soul in eternal peace and give courage to his family for this unbearable loss

  3. Always a sadness when we lose a friend .. but more so when the good die so young. We wish the family patience and strength to bear the loss and pray for his soul to rest in peace.

  4. May God bless my dearest friend and coleague Rashid Hakeem!!! if any body disply his pictures please!! m away from home ohter wise i had alot

    1. On behalf of all my family members, we would give our heartfelt condolence to His Parents and wife, upon expiry of his beloved family memeber. May God give his family all the courage and strength to tide over this extreme loss and grief.

      Shehla Sehar

  5. may God bless nd keep hiz soul in eternal peace… will miss u sir that great…proud ov u

  6. Indeed a great lose,
    May Allah Almighty bless and keep his soul in eternal peace. And our heartiest condolence to the family.

  7. Inna Lilla Hai Wa Inna Ellaihi Rajioon.My condoleances to the family.Rashid was in our village the day before this deadly incident.Salute Cap.Rashid. You will always remain in our heart.May Allah grant u with Jannat-ul-Ferdous. Ammen

    May Allah bless his soul in enternal peace(Aameen), this loss is not only the loss of his family but the loss of our region.

  9. “Truly we belong to ALLAH (SWT) and truly to Him shall we return”.

    He was junior to me during school days and I remember very well that he was such a brilliant young man. May ALLAH (SWT) bestow enough courage to his parents so that they could face such a hard time.

    This is not the first incident where a young pilot has embraced shahadat during training in mushak aircraft. Maybe I’m unaware of many underlying facts but I remember that this aircraft “mushak” has been serving our forces since we were kids. Therefore based on apparent facts, I think it it is time for Army Aviation’s responsible senior officers to think about replacing this aircraft with a secure and new trainer aircraft(s).

  10. What a tragic loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace and May Allah bestow his family with the courage to bear this irriparable loss. (Aamin)

    Sultan Ahmed

  11. This is big lose for all of us,God give eternel peace the departed
    soul .Give the family to bear this lose.Aamin
    Rehman Sakhi,Karim Sakhi and family.
    Canada, Edmonton.

  12. Surely, To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return.

    I am deeply saddened by this tragic loss of a very brilliant young son of GB. Our young brother has embraced Shahada in the process of training to become a true soldier to defend our country.

    We are all with his family to bear this loss. May Allah bless his soul in the heaven with all the Martyrs and with courage to his family and friends to face this lifelong loss.

    May Allah bless our people, our homeland GB and Pakistan.

  13. i m very thankful to you on behalf of the whole family members for you comments on the sad martyrdom of our beloved cousin Rashid Hakeem. Your comments are helpful to mitigate the sorrows of the family members.

    Fate can’t be changed except prayers. do pray for us, to be patient in this un-wanted incident.

    May his soul rest in eternal peace and Allah SWT give us best return.


    we pray may Allah rest the soul of departed soul in eternal peace and give strength to the family members. aamin

    this tragic loss is really irrecoverable. Shaheed took his last breath during his service.
    The people of GB and indeed all our nation will remember your services as a brave soldure.

    Ali Masud


  15. I offer heartily condolence on the sad demise and this tragic loss. May Allah Almighty rest the soul of Capton Rashid in the eternal peace and give fortitude to the bereaved family.

    Its a great loss for the people of gilgit baltistan.
    May God rest his soul in heaven and give courage to his
    family to bear this loss.

    may Allah bless you..
    may Allah replace you for your family…..

  18. My deepest condolences to Rashid’s family. And Its a matter of great pride and honour for the family.

  19. May God bless my dearest friend Rashid Hakeem!!!

    “Bichrha kuch is ada sa ki rutt hi badal gai
    aik shakhs saray shaher ko wairan kar gaya.

    wajahat alam jan


    May GOD give patience to his family and relatives. May his soul rest in Heaven.

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