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Raabta Committe Mutasireen – e – Gojal protests in front of GBLA

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Gilgit, May 4: Around two dozen members of the Raabta Committee Mutasireen-e-Gojal protested in front of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly building today to register their dissatisfaction over the government’s role in Attabad landslide disaster and the lake calamity. The protesters said that the government has not been able to move beyond issuing a vague notification regarding the calamity situation in Gojal valley. They condemned the ‘lack of action’ from government side.

The protesters also demanded judicial inquiry into the slow pace of excavation work on the lake barrier at Attabad. The protesters said that FWO was not able to achieve its target of reducing height of the lake barrier by 30 meters due to inefficiencies. “The barrier’s height has even not been reduced by 20 meters despite of completion of three months of constant work”, said a protester talking to Pamir Times. It is pertinent to note here that May 4 also marked completion of four months of the Attabad landslide disaster.

Chief minister and speaker of GBLA, also the elected representative of Hunza, promised to meet the demonstrators tomorrow and listen to their demands and concerns.

The group of demonstrators was being led by Muhammad Aslam.

3 thoughts on “Raabta Committe Mutasireen – e – Gojal protests in front of GBLA

  1. Natural or Human Induced Disaster? Who is Responsible?

    1st Disaster: 4th Jan 2010: Attabad Hunza
    Earth Flow/Landslide: (Natural and Human)

    2nd Disaster: Continued 4 Jan. – Present, Upstream to Gojal
    Artificial Lake/dam upstream, breaching of spillway, 4th Jan.-present: (Human)

    3rd Disaster: Downstream up to Tarbela………….?
    Outburst Flood…….. (Human)

    Why Natural or Human Induced Disaster?

    1st Natural Process/geographic phenomena (Earthquake 2002,2005, soil creeping, erosion by Hunza River) and
    Human Interference in Natural Environment (human settlement, pressure on slops, irrigation water, lack of awareness in site selection and town planning)

    2nd Experts views ware not considered, alternative options ware rejected, no values of researchers suggestions/recommendations, spillways breaching contract didn’t handover to Chinese company. Lack of planning, self interest, secterian baisness, ego, Non professionals in disaster related organizations…….

    3rd ……………………………………………?
    A huge human induced disaster with a very bad and long impact on Gojal-Hunza, and Gilgit-Baltistan’s economy.

    Videos Clips………

    Ali Musofer

  2. Thank you Raabta Committee.
    You should not have given up protesting for the rights and suffering of people under the pressure of the inefficient political leadership of GB.
    We cannot stand more with the fake promises and ignorance.
    Please mobilize men, women and children to get their Ghanti, Bilcha and remove the rubble to release the water. We need to teach the politicians that we are there to help the Govt not against the state. So they should not accuse people for the peaceful protests.
    Keep it UP!!


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