The magic of Imtiaz Karim


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  1. wow………♪♪ Music is a DRUG ingested via the ears !!
    Music speaks what cannot be expressed , soothes the mind and gives it rest , heals the heart and makes it whole , flows from heaven to the soul !!

    aslam pervaz

  2. more than the flute tune, the translation of the original song by Shahid Akhtar is done nicely. I came to appreciate the verse, “If I die, I would be called a mortal, if not, you will be mine once and for all” (ayram k shaheed e darja daaghursham, bay k ja gaaler gui mema marham). As I know Shahid personally, there is little chance he reads Kahlil Gibran, but similar thoughts are Kahlil Gibran’s in his beauty The Broken Wings. To me it seems more like a co-incidence of great poetry and prose.

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