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Ghazanfar eyes governorship for himself, GBLA membership for Shehryar

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Islamabad, October 6: The stage seems to be set, as far as the former Chief Executive of Gilgit Baltistan, is concerned. “I am experienced enough to become the governor of Gilgit – Baltistan. People belonging to all religious sects living in the region respect me for my spotless and scandal free past”, these views were expressed by the former chief executive in an interview.

He said that while he himself is eyeing the position of governor, his “able, politically astute and energetic” son, Shehryar, would be contesting the upcoming election of Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly from ward 6, Hunza. He hoped that people of Hunza valley would vote for Shehryar and elect him with overwhelming majority.

He did not envisage a role for his wife, Attiqa Ghazanfar, and his other son, Saleem Khan, in the future setup. Let’s remind the readers that these four have submitted nomination papers for the GBLA 2009 election, along with 25 others belonging to Hunza valley

Shehryar Khan, a banker by profession and experience, is not a very well known figure in Hunza valley, having spent most of his life in Islamabad, working for a banking corporation. What prospects does Shehryar have in the political future of Hunza only time could tell!

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  1. Well Guys if Mr. Ghaznfar says so, there must be something going on in the capital.
    its now on the public of Hunza to decide the fate of Heirs of Mr. Ghazanfar. I am impressed by the confidence he has in saying all this. well its your decision Hunza, you want to Rise or Fall??/ I hope good change out of the literate public of Hunza, let us all feel the difference of education by your political representation.
    God Bless us All

  2. Mir apna aik sher ma farmatay ha:

    Dil ko behalanay ka liya ya bat b kafi ha Mir

    Dil behlata raho:

  3. well, I think the people of Hunza are well literate now and thy can decide that what will good for their future.

  4. Prince Mohyuddin, MNA Chitral and Chairman of Standing Committee on Kashmir affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan is a potential candidate for governorship of Gilgit-Baltistan.

  5. i think we need sum change so 4 that we should elect a new candidate who knows how to lead like Noor Mohd…

  6. Mir sahib has enjoyed the highest political post of Gilgit Baltistan If governor appointed from Gilgit – Baltistan then Mir Sahib will be the most strong candidate. I wish him all the best

  7. Dear Ghazanfar…..

    Out of 61000 Hunzukuts who have support of only 700…. good to be their governor

  8. Mr. Prince Ghazanfar sb.
    I think the recent election should be an eye opener for you. You don’t stand any where even near to be a leader of Hunzukutuz again. Enough is enough. Spend your energies in an honest way to return the looted money of the nation, if you do so, I am confident people of Hunza will forgive you and that will be the only reason of your living possible in Hunza.

  9. I am surprised that no body has protested over calling your self The Mir of Hunza. Please do not foolish people as the state was abolished in 74 and your late father was the last Mir by then. It remained a dream of you and your Lahori wife to be the rulers.
    People know what is the ground reality.

  10. @ Irfan… prince???? hahahahahaha so strange….. now Ghazanfer sells all his property for twice still will be not able to return the money…. he is a culprit.

  11. Tariq. Mir????? no he is not as the true Hunza Man has rightly said “it remained just a dream to both Ghazanfar and his wife Attiqa” But one must accept the reality that his father ruled as a Mir and his all 3 sons have the right to be called Prince.
    I just wanted him to realize that he is not a Mir but yes a prince who has never proven even to be the prince.

  12. Phudda aur phuddey ka shurba. Gazani n governership… two completely opposite things. He is not even eligible to be a watchman at the door of governer house.

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