PTV to broadcast Shina and Balti language news bulletins: CM Shah

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Islamabad, November 9: The state owned Pakistan Television (PTV) would soon start broadcasting news bulletin in Shina and Balti, two majority languages of Gilgit – Baltistan.

This information was shared by Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah while talking to the media in Skardu. He said that initially the duration of news bulletin in both languages would be 5 minutes each.

The decision is likely to be highly appreciated across the region because it was a long standing demand of the local people. The news bulletin will be a good source for sharing information about the region with rest of the country where there is dearth of understanding and awareness about Gilgit – Baltistan’s constitutional and other issues.

“The problem with PTV is that it tends to focus more on relaying information about the activities of cabinet members and top bureaucrats instead of focusing on public issues”, an Islamabad based seasoned journalist who has also worked for PTV said, commenting on usefulness of the decision. “However, the decision is likely to gain wide public attention and appreciation across Gilgit – Baltistan and the dwindling viewer-ship of PTV would be enhanced”, he said.

He also said that the private TV channels shall also explore opportunities to highlight the hidden treasures of Gilgit – Baltistan’s unique cultures and heritage.

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  1. This attempt would be highly admireable and appreciateable. Our culture keeps a unique status in Pakistan, so its our right to expose our culture. Gradually apart from Shina and Balti other langauges must also be given representation in national level.

  2. Aney TV Pakistan hinh, Munker-u-llah khan a jo khabarey paruja.
    Sadar ga ne Wazir azam se general Kiani sath mulaqat theigey. Aney moqaj mulkei salamati kaar tamam wasail ga aqal ga ne masail puri Americaj hawala thok gini Pakistanei shukurya ada theigey.
    Khabarey khatum biley.

    Khabar kun chhams.

  3. Chief Minister’s announcement about the broadcasting of Shina and Balti language News bulletins from Pakistan Television is another good news for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.This was a very old demand of people of region which is now going to be fulfill.
    Mr.Syed Mehdi Shah,
    Chief Minister,

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