Tracking the flow of water in Hunza-river lake

Photos by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

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  1. Nice assessed and clear pictures Zulfiqar bhai, height is not more then that was expected, hopefully it will get a nice passage over it in a few weeks.

  2. Dear Zulfiqar,
    I appreciate your efforts to highlight the plight of our people. PT is the only source of reliable information and updates on our area. I visit your blog atleast 4 times a day to be abreast with the news and happenings. Great job and tremendous social work my brother!

  3. Government should urgently study the problem and send experts to evaluate the same. What is NDMA doing…they should take this issue seriously and work urgently.KKH is still blocked.
    Thank you for good photos.

  4. Nice effort. Please continue updating us on the situation.
    What will be the impact ,both good and bad , if the lake takes
    a permanent place- Discussion must be initiated.

  5. Excellent work done Bhai Jan. Keep it up. Really appreciate your efforts in providing real time information.

  6. What is the update brother Zulfiqar?. Is any govenment organisation,NDMA doing anything to release the water of Hunza River?. From what I understand,water is rising @ 3 feet per day in the river> Does NDMA realize the large volume of water that has gathered. KKH is still blocked.

    On behalf of people of Hunza I request all Government agencies to treat this issue as very URGENT. Please also give compensation to people who have lost their homes and property and are in camps.Thank you.

  7. Nice job Zuifiqar brother.According to my opinion FOCUS should use their contacts in this regards at international level because the outcome of relying on Govt. promises will be disastrous.Now a days ruling party is busy with their problems because of decision of supreme court and opposition on the other hand as well.

    Its time know for AKDN institution should play their active role for iinternational assistance through different institutions.As far as our loal political leadership is concerned they cannot do any thing instead of making promises and sympathies bcz they are powerless.

    Once again i appreciate Zulfiqa efforts.

  8. i appreciate the entire steps taken by zulfiqar bhai to update accordingly.

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