Peace Walk ends with a warm reception in Karachi

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The Khunjrav – Karachi Peace Walk ended yesterday at the Mazar-e-Quaid. The ending ceremony was attended by hundreds of residents of Gilgit – Baltistan living in Karachi, representatives of civil society and the leaders of Pakistan People Party, including deputy speaker of Sindh Assembly, Shehla Raza, Rashid Rabbani, Waqar Mehdi and Saeed Ghani. Representatives of different regional organizations and local elders also attended the ending ceremony in large numbers.

Speaking at the occasion Shehla Raza said that the courageous move of the two youngsters belonging to GB reflects willingness of the youth of Pakistan to promote and practice peace. She paid rich tributes to the determination of Asghar Ali Rumi and Ejaz Rumi.

Earlier, hundreds of youngsters and elders belonging to different parts of Gilgit – Baltistan took the two peace activists to the tomb of founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in a huge procession.

Asghar and Ejaz thanked all the individuals and organizations who supported them during the walk for peace and expressed hope that people of Pakistan and the world would listen to their message and ensure a peaceful world, that respects differences of opinion. Talking to Pamir Times they said that as opposed to the popular fears of different circles, people throughout the country have been supportive, friendly and lovers of peace and progress.

They covered 2012 KMs of distance, having started at the 16600 feet high Khunjrav National Park, located in Gojal Valley.

Asghar and Ejaz belong to Sost – Gojal, Hunza valley of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Photographs will be uploaded tomorrow.

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  1. Dear Asghar and Ejaz Rumi.
    Please accept my heartiest congratulations on completion of your historic journey through Pakistan. It will be remembered for centuries.

    We are really proud of you.

    Khudadad Alidad

  2. Incredible accomplishment in a fear engulfed society. Such kinds of activities would at least minimize the general sense of fear of the population, who are fed up of terrorist attacks and bomb blasts because of which so many innocent people lose their precious life. Peaceful acts have long- term and powerful effects on the psyche of human beings. This ‘ peace walk’ is an answer to the perpetrators of fear that we have the power to face fear and condemn extremism and terrorist attacks. We, Muslims believe in harmony, love, respect, brotherhood and tolerance.


    You both are now national heroes well-done, do not stop here. Think to go internationally if not by foot think to go by any means of communication, to preach peace and harmony especially where peace is required. Think bigger and you will achieve it. We are proud of youth like you are. Innovative and positive thinking always pays.


  4. i congratulate both gayz asghar nd ejaz 4 complection of their peace walk. i hop vil u will particapate internation level peace walk… u have a great job….

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