President seeks progress on relief, rehabilitation measures for Hunza lake affectees

ISLAMABAD, May 11 (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday sought a report from Governor Gilgit Baltistan over the relief and rehabilitation measures for the landslide affectees of the Hunza valley and steps for draining the lake.A massive landslide in Hunza District on January 4 led to blockade of the Hunza River and creation of an artificial lake where water level is constantly rising. The Frontier Works Organisation is creating a spillway to drain the lake.

President Zardari who had been in touch with the local authorities and had directed immediate relief and rehabilitation measures on January 4 and March 8, enquired about the progress made so far and emergency measures in case the artificial dam bursts.

The President asked the Gilgit Baltistan administration to provide an immediate update and progress on the latest situation as the water in the lake continues to rise and poses a threat to the people downstream. He said the authorities must be prepared in advance to meet any eventuality and ensure that there was no loss of life.

He assured that the federal government would do all to provide shelter, food and medical help for the displaced people through the National Disaster Management Authority.

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One Comment

  1. the President of Pakistan should leqve the comfort of his Islamabad Palace and pay a visit to the endangered area in Gojal and see for himself instead of asking to be kept informed as if that will solve the problem.
    He and his ministers government officials everyone should take turns to camp in Gojal and supervise relief and rehabilitation personally. Its that serious and important. Hunza isnt just a place to visit and admire when all is well. It needs everyones attenion NOW.

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