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Protest at Moorkhoon High School marks World Literacy Day

By Farhat Ullah Baig

Sost, September 8: Students of Moorkhoon High School have blocked the Karakuram Highway, protesting against unavailability of teachers. The protest started early in the morning and was under process at the time of posting of this report.

The students are raising slogans against government officials and political representatives for turning a blind eye towards the difficulties being faced by students at the school.

While the world celebrates Literacy Day, students of the Moorkhoon High School and many other schools across the region are deprived of opportunities due to the lack of teachers and other facilities. 

Community members have urged the government officials to visit the school and resolve grievances of the students on urgent basis.  

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  1. Let the young no more trust for the future of theirs .
    Let make the way we should and let others see

    It is just the starting of difficulties that we are facing, leader or the drivers who dont have any relation with what we are facing,

    What to say just that it was just only for a day it should be a life long matter. Because its about the light of future.

    Love and hurra to all the students

  2. Dear All
    It is not just the matter at the Moorkhun School, there are many Moorkhun like schools and collages which are the need of the society.
    We need to bring all the matter on the streets, because it is more then 60 years more then three generation. We have to leave all stale leaders with their rotten speeches and ideas.

    We have to be positive about many matters and concepts.
    May some one listen to the voice of the students and their desire and love for literacy.
    They have made history. By bringing the need and desire on the street for everyone to see.

  3. Ya this is true with out teacher a Higer Secondary School runing. it is very shamfull for the education department for neglience of such important matter.

  4. On the occasion of world literacy day instead of organizing a debate among the students staging a protest is indeed a shocking news for all of us.
    To my personal experience I know the Morkhue Community is making a continuous effort for last many years. I think It is prime responsibility of the community leaders to help them through professional approach rather then emaotional.

  5. They have done very good work. this is the right of the student to protest against this. and other that at the spot government should also take the action and provide good teachers to the student of this school.

  6. Dear readers!

    it is a very big and important issue for all of us, we must take attention toward this problem,many of schools are there where there is no teacher and if no teacher? then how good education? and it is a matter of our future generation, our leaders and the government should must take attention toward the problem, because our future depends upon our present.

    safdar Ali Shah
    Karachi university

  7. In such a distressing situation, the government should take some action to solve this isssue. i am rather amazed that these students have taken such an action against the government.i guess this is the first time in history of gojal tht pupils protest for their rights.WAY TO GO STUDENTS… WE ARE WITH YOU PROUD OF U MOORKHUN.

    p.s The people of Gojal can’t afford their children college fees, still they are willing to educate thm that is quite admirable then why isn’t gov. paying attention???????????

  8. The peaceful protest of the female student of Moorkhoun is quite genuine. The community is waiting for the responce of education Department of GB and the political leadership from the last 15) Fifteen years. Education is in the blood of this village and they are the pioneer of Community self Help School builder in Hunza Vally and GB.
    The first time the village people build a school 100% on community contrbution of 11 class rooms, an office and an examination hall. This building still exist on the main KKH near to Moorkhoun NALA in 1974. This was the first communty Self help School in GB. Girl College, the villagers started- on the idea that due to lack of financial resources most of the female student can’t continue their education after 8th class or middle standered.
    Two year the Chief Exactive visted the village and announced a collge for the people of upper Gojal. The Chief exactive and ATIQA saheeba announced it and the building is under construction from the last two years. The Gb education department didn’t appoint any staff from the last fifteen years and nither they tried to look the matter and guide the community towards a positive solution. It is really unfortunate for the female students of Gojal that not a single college for boys or Girls exist in the area-that is a corridor to Central Asia, China, India and Afghanistan. Complete information about the FIRST COMMUNITY SELF HELP SCHOOL OF MOORKHOUN is available- if interested cab be shared with the donors name in picx and details.
    The community is doing and contributing from the last 25 to 30 years, what the Govt machinery and political leader ship of GB done-nothing.
    This contrbution of the community towards education has been appriciated at National and international level many time.
    Only appreciating of some thing specially in the field education is not enough, this demands a solid step to complete the triangle for a good education to any student.
    At last I personally request to the GB education department to consider the demand of the female student of MOORKHOUN GIRLS COLLEGE GOJAL HUNZA

  9. wow!!!!!!!!!!!it’z really such a bang in the history of Gojal………

    now apart from bringing their emotions nd need to the media…………the local representatives need to convey this issue to the govt. representatives with full logic and entheusion………coz this is not only the matter edcution for some students………….it has also got a full impilication on the prospority of our society…………………………on the other the local community should take a full notice of cruptions taking place in this particular….nd cruption specially in this field is equualivent to an eductional death to our whole society….

  10. Hi all,
    There is a blend expression about this manifestation. Everyone has their own perception & understanding based on their experiences and field of interest. I personally admire the peace demonstration of the students. This is our civic right to convey our message to the authority through different peaceful ways. The dilemma of our country is until or unless you will demonstrate, the proper channel never being heard. Second thing communities want to contribute their share but the high official may be due to some real problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I must say due to corruption Gov. never encouraged & support community contribution and participation.


  11. Keep up the good work ,
    Students silent strike for noble cause:

    its sad to know the news on Mookhoon Girls High School & college
    strike for their basic rights,Asking or demanding from Govt of Pakistan for Teachers,This is really shamefull for the Present govt not providing any teachers for this noble Cause” Education”

    This should be a shame on the political leaders of this Region,As well as on the Education Department of Gilgit & Baltistan.

    What more can you expect from future youth of this region.

    There is 1 teacher to run the all college?
    There is no Science Labortry for them?
    There is no Hostel Approval given to them
    There is no Bus Service Available for the all college

    On top of all this false promises from the Govt Depatments since 97 the parents of these girls school students are still in a long hope for the betterment of this College.

    Everyone of this village and students parents are demanding only for Teachers to cover their syllabous,How can You Expect from 1-2 teacher to run the full college?

    Hencefor Girls students of this college have come to streets in Demand of Educations.

    Where as our Govt of Pakistan claims,we are the victims of Terrorism,tell me where do we stand now??????????????
    Is this the govt in fault or the local public? Please answer to the students voice

    With due request as a common person from same village i would like to appeal from govt authourities to immediately send teachers to Moorkhoon College & solve the Education Problems of these Students.I hope someone from Education Department can understand the real cause for “Education”
    Thats the only need and demand from the students of Moorkhoon College.

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