Latest photographs from Gulmit

Images: Zaheer Bari

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  1. Every day the new pictures posted on Pamir Times realy makes us sad about the loss of precioues land and property of our community members. “May Allah save our area from further distructions and loss of properties” Ameen

  2. Dear zaheer bari
    thanks for updating us, How about Mama Sher Ali hotel and Ali Aman Shop?

  3. These are really heartbreaking scenes …
    God, grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference…
    Pray that this painful and tragic period passes soon…God save us all.


  4. well {this is a big lesson}, and {GOD} is saying, {i m superior than you… }

    1. Dear

      what do mean by this statement. Did the people of Gojal used to think that they were superior than……………….
      what is this

    2. my dear this no question of superior or any other thing but this is an exam by ALLAH for all hunza people, we need to pray to success in this an exam.My Allah bless all of us. (Ameen)

  5. Dear Gojalies
    Just can’t say anything!!!!!! Just few words ? What are we doing all form the first village to the last, we are dying, we are not destroy by the Natural disaster but rather by people in charge of our safety and development, we are intentionally drowned by the authorities and most probably by ourselves and ignorance of all, including Us, local Leaders, (Political, Religious Councils, Government Authorities and NGO).
    What are we all not only the people suffered, Aayeenabad, Shiskat,Gulmith , the people of Gojal and Hunza, I will not go in more details that everyone should be standing with us everyone in GB, as Gojal have been the sources of help in all the need required . In the all the sectarian violence and other disaster, we never let our brothers, and other humans alone. We were the first to introduce the volunteer action of helping people during the 2005 earth quack, hundred of our volunteers worked in both Kashmir and NWFP (Pakthtun Khuwa). But we are still alone.
    It’s not them but us, we are just waiting for what, more houses to be destroyed more likes to be ruined. All the activities ever where is stopped, No procession or gathering in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Gilgit or Gojal and Hunza, Why?
    Why we have to go to different ministers, why we have to go to Asma Gahangir(she only helps were there is a rap case, she need only ant other Markrara Maiyee, we don’t have that) we need to wait for people form Karachi to advice us on a shining papers form the high authorities. We need not any one that does not understand by its self.
    Another question, why did the people allowed all the trade (Smuggling) between Pak& China. We were dying and they were busy with their smuggling and making money by any means. It should me stop .
    Next what is our Leader doing just comment and briefing and making central authorities happy. We do not need them they have failed.
    Based on the present situation few recommendation
    1. Immediate unconditional volunteer resignation of both of the selected Leaders Wazir Baig and Mothabyath Shah. As a protest on the failure of Government effort during the whole time.
    2. Complete ban on all the trade activities between Pak and China, and Road extension work in Gojal and Hunza. Till all the effected people are properly dealt.
    3. Total boycott of all the administrational activities in the area.
    4. All the relief, reconstruction, rehabilitation work should be done or acting in complete coordination and participation of the local communities.
    5. All the previous leader form all the parties should not be allowed to participate and act in any of the present situation and activities at any stage.
    6. All news related to the disaster should be presented in complete coordination with locals of the area.
    7. People in every part of the country should play their part; organize protest against the failure of the government, ignorance of the local government, and other related issues.
    We have to do it by our self, time to wake up we do not have any one beside us it only us of we will see more destruction.

  6. Desperately and silently the river is overtaking our everything, and still our leaders say, ” Everything is OK”. Are they deluding themselves or they mean “Everything OK” for something that was preplanned and the progress is going well. Their conscience won’t forgive them for the one month delay in work that resulted in ruining our homeland. The photos give an image of a civilization vanishing forever. GOD please SAVE us.

  7. @ Zaheer Ahmed Bari
    Thank you so much for updating us regarding the artificial dam prevailing in our towns.
    Keep updating us!

  8. sad pictures but this is just because of lack of leadership. we have many educated persons but we dont have a leader.

  9. First of all i agree With Mr.Nazeer Ali Khan for his analysis and i endorse his recommendations. But i still see many Gojalis who are still of the view that it was a natural diaster and the govt. could not do more then that,still many are not imaging the long term effect of this diaster which is in itself a huge moral diaster. May Allah help us to be united and give us the strength to bear this man made diaster.

  10. I salute the PT team for keeping us with updated with the situation and also salute the courrage of gojalis and volenteers who always remain behined the families affected from this unfortunate incident. hope this hard chapter will soon reach to its end and things will again settele with a new hope.

  11. Geo Pmir times …….you are doing nice…….please keep us up to date as possible.Really this is a great job………..

  12. Thanks Zaheer Bari nephew for the updated. It truely hurts and missing my beautiful Gojal and I pray from my God for our beautiful Gojal for all of the people for gojal spacially focused on Shiskat,Gulmit,Hussani and passu
    May Allah help us to be united and give us the strength to bear this man made diaster.
    So I did’t see most current situation in Ghulmit
    From Islamabad

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